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Did You Know Drake Played for the Kentucky Wildcats?

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What's a blogger gotta do to get one of these? via <a href=""></a>
What's a blogger gotta do to get one of these? via

He must have. He has a NCAA Tournament championship ring to prove it, if SB Nation's Bill Hanstock is correct:

Everyone's favorite cuddly, Sprite-guzzling rapper Drake has been a longtime fan of the Kentucky Wildcats, showing his support of the team as far back as 2010. Now that UK has won a national title, they wanted to show their appreciation to Drake for ... uh ... being famous AND liking a sports team? So they gave him his own official Kentucky championship ring. I'm guessing that when Drake opened the box, he wept.

I didn't know all you had to do to get one of those was be famous and support the team. I'm sure that Ashley Judd's ring is on it's way, if she didn't receive it already. After all, we don't want gender discrimination when it comes to taking care of our celebrity fans, and nobody I know of has represented UK with the kind of consistency and class Ashley has over the years.

What I want to know is, what has a blogger got to do to get one of these? Matt Jones, I trust yours is in the mail?

Also, A2D2 has a poll on the gifting of rings here.