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Kentucky Basketball: There is a Reason Calipari Did Not Offer Chris Walker

Want one of these, Chris?  I know where there are 8 of them.
Want one of these, Chris? I know where there are 8 of them.

Chris Walker, recent Florida signee, all but begged for John Calipari to offer him a scholarship. From the looks of things, Calipari either feels confident in some of his other 2013 recruiting effort, or something in Walker's background put Calipari off him.

But Walker sure is cocky. Not that it means anything bad, or offers us any real insight. Or does it? You decide:

"Together we [Walker and UF signee Kasey Hill] will be the best duo in college and we will win a national championship," Walker said. "You heard it here first."

Such bravado probably isn't wise from a player still 15 months away from even donning a Florida jersey for the first time, but Walker's commitment is significant enough to give the Gators hope of proving him right. At the very least, it silences those who criticized Florida coach Billy Donovan for not being able to land a much-needed big man in the Class of 2012.

I never consider a little bravado a bad thing from a player, but considering that Calipari didn't even extend an offer Walker's way, it seems pretty clear that he isn't a fit for UK for some reason.

All I can say to Walker is this: National championships run through Lexington, big boy, and Florida hasn't defeated Kentucky in Lexington since the Al Horford & Co. left back in 2007. Kentucky, on the other hand, has won 9 of the last 11.

Those are the facts, and they are undisputed. Welcome to the SEC.