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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: Hot Saturday Edition

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In this version of the Linkapalooza, we have more draft reaction, a story that the Kansas team a couple of years back was awfully cozy with a marijuana dealer, and much more.

Tweet of the Afternoon:

I agree on all three of them.

Your links follow the jump.

Dick Weiss wonders why any one-and-done player would go anywhere except Kentucky // vaughtsviews

"Four picks in the first round and two more in the second round. If you were a kid looking to be a one-and-done (player), where else would you go."

Indisputable words from a sportswriting legend.

Alleged marijuana dealer reportedly supplied Kansas basketball players // CollegeBasketballTalk

"At one occasion, law enforcement had Mr. Villeareal this basketball season at the Sprint Center sitting behind the KU basketball bench with a number of the players," Morehead is quoted as saying. "So we know that he had probably not only a personal relationship with them but a professional relationship as well."

Uh oh.

Some good collegians didn’t hear their names called on Thursday // CollegeBasketballTalk

Somebody had to go undrafted. William Buford, perhaps, was the biggest surprise to me.

New Orleans, Kentucky headline draft night winners // CollegeBasketballTalk

I think I agree with all of these.

Top Undrafted Free Agents Of The 2012 NBA Draft // Ridiculous Upside

Always an interesting read.

Coach Frank Martin making mark at South Carolina // Yahoo! Sports

That hasn't stopped the region's growing love affair with the plain-spoken, at times emotional coach. The city's Chamber of Commerce held a welcome breakfast in Martin's honor on Wednesday before Mayor Steve Benjamin proclaimed it ''Frank Martin Day.''

I hope Martin succeeds at USC. Somebody needs to.

NBA Draft success fueling blue-chip Calipari recruiting classes at Kentucky // CollegeBasketballTalk

The word has been spreading around social media in recent days, and it seems to ring true: "If Calipari offers you a scholarship, he often believes you have the potential to be a first-round pick."

Powerful recruiting tool. Powerful.

NBA draft's biggest disappointments - College Basketball Nation Blog // ESPN

Renardo Sidney is one of the greatest wastes of God-given talent that has ever before assailed my vision.

NBA draft's biggest surprises - College Basketball Nation Blog // ESPN

I mostly agree with this.

Justin Day commits to UK // Bleed Blue Kentucky

Another football commitment.

Update with Florida TE Shaq Johnson // Bleed Blue Kentucky

Shaq Johnson, a 6’4, 215 lb TE from Lake City (Columbia) is yet another talented prospect from the state that has been on the Kentucky coaches’ radar after picking up a scholarship offer from the Cats back on June 6th. Kentucky OL Coach Mike Summers is handling Johnson’s recruitment.

2012 NBA Draft: Reaction to the fit and value of Bulls selection of Marquis Teague // Blog a Bull

Now, as many have joked, teams always say they "can't believe that guy was available" to them on draft night. But as KC Johnson points out, the Bulls worked out nearly 50 players pre-draft and Teague wasn't one of them, which is pretty clear evidence that it's true in this case.

I'm not sure what will happen with Teague at Chicago. Is it a hedge against the slow return of Derrick Rose? Is he just a backup PG to Rose only to be traded later?

Kelenna Azubuike included in Zeller trade // Mavs Moneyball

Turns out Azubuike was included in the trade. The trade is Zeller + Azubuike for Cunningham, Crowder, James.

Haven't heard Azubuike's name in a while. Hope he can continue to play.

Karl Towns: A phenom on and off the court //

"I've never had a kid like him, ever,'' said St. Joe's coach Dave Turco. "Karl [Towns] is the whole package on and off the court. He's special.''

Taking advanced placement courses at a school with a strong academic reputation, Towns maintained a 4.3 average out of a possible 4.5 scale. He was president of the Freshman Class.

I really hope he ends up at UK.