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Kentucky Basketball: 2012 NBA Draft Open Thread

Well, it's finally here, the 2012 NBA Draft. Tonight, we will find out where the six Wildcats - Anthony Davis, Terrence Jones, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Doron Lamb, Marquis Teague and Darius Miller -- will be going for their professional basketball jobs.

There has been a ton of speculation and many, many mock drafts. All that goes by the boards tonight as NBA GM's, owners and coaches put their heads together and figure out who they need. Just in case you have somehow forgotten the particulars, you can view tonight's draft at 7:00 on ESPN.

This is the official A Sea of Blue open thread for talking about the draft tonight. We all know that Anthony Davis will be the #1 pick, unless we have some kind of Twilight Zone-like upset, such as the one provided by the US Supreme Court today, which of course, we will not talk about here. So it could happen, I suppose. But it won't.

While you're waiting, you can watch this video on the physics of an Anthony Davis block, courtesy of a UK physics and astronomy professor:

So let's go, Wildcats! Get drafted high. You all deserve it.