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College Football: SB Nation's Jason Kirk Explains the New College Football Playoff

As A2D2 reported below, the BCS is officially dead, and there is now a shiny new four-team college football playoff. Great.

But the devil, as they say, is in the details. What devils you ask? Seriously? Well, here's Jason to raise a few more devils that you can lay down:

Maybe not all that many devils but the debate will not end here, as we can all be sure.

For me, I'm not so sanguine about replacing the computer influence. It had the theoretical advantage of not really caring who was the best, although any computer software is admittedly only as good as the programmer, and "garbage in, garbage out" is unfortunately still the rule. But who knows, word is that Google has discovered evidence of machine learning in neural network systems (Holy Terminator, Batman! Can you say, "SkyNet," boys and girls?), so perhaps we shouldn't be so quick to scrap the machine influence.

So we're stuck with the selection committee, a development every single power conference hopes to exploit through some kind of insider action, no doubt. Perhaps we should only staff the selection committee with Division II or non-BCS Division I schools just so they'll have something to do. They surely won't be playing for the championship. Let me be the first to nominate Boise St.'s president. Grassy knolls all over the USA are awaiting their New Football Playoff conspirators.

Anyway, regardless of all that, I'm quite confident that most college football fans are significantly happier with this development than they were the BCS arrangement. Will it satisfy everyone, or even the majority. Yeah, about the same time John Calpari starts playing professional backgammon all summer instead of recruiting. Absent that, no.

Anyway, sound off on this in the comments below. Hate it, love it, meh it, whatever.