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Anthony Davis Talks Olympics with Jim Rome

Think Anthony Davis wants to be an Olympian? (via Nation of Blue):

I really would like to see Davis make the team, and it seems important to him. Lost Lettermen thinks that Davis should be included, and gives some reasons:

However, there should be no debate about adding Davis, an impossibly long, shot-blocking machine who would add depth to a United States frontline that will be without starting center Dwight Howard and could be missing power forward LaMarcus Aldridge. Most NBA talent evaluators agree that Davis is a franchise-changing player who will have an immediate impact on the NBA as soon as he enters it.

He also could have a similar impact this summer, despite being a few years removed from being a 6-foot-3 high school guard. That’s the past, and the future holds promise – but why throw away the present?

This definitely makes sense, and Team USA is going to be hurting a bit for size, according to what I see. Besides, after Davis' sister Iesha got drafted by the Harlem Globetrotters, the stars seem aligned correctly for the Unibrow™ Olympics.