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Kentucky Basketball: Anthony Davis is Now The Unibrow ™

Brow down, trademark infringers.
Brow down, trademark infringers.

Okay, this is officially one of the weirder things I have ever heard of:

Davis, known for his connected eyebrows, trademarked the phrases "Fear The Brow" and "Raise The Brow" earlier this month.

"I don’t want anyone to try to grow a unibrow because of me and then try to make money off of it," Davis told CNBC. "Me and my family decided to trademark it because it’s very unique."

Unique? Yes. But trademarking something many people are inclined to make fun of? Only in America.

Well, I suppose if you can trademark stuff like the words "Final Four" among other similar oddities (in my view, anyway), this is really no different. There is little doubt that Davis' eyebrow has produced some funny and unique commentary.

What worries me, and what always makes me cringe a little when I see something like this, is that some idiot or other is going to convince Davis into aggressive enforcement of his facial feature. And unfortunately, this is likely to turn out to be pretty mock-worthy among the sports commentariat. Hope it works out for him.

I mean, even Cindy Crawford, whose mole is perhaps the most famous facial feature in modern history, never went so far as to protect it with an actual trademark. At least I'm pretty sure she didn't.