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Draft update: 8 Bat Cats have signed with teams

I thought everyone might like a quick update on where the UK Baseball teams stands in terms of the school record 9 players drafted earlier this month in the MLB Rule 4 draft. As of today, 8 players have signed with their teams while junior lefty Jerad Grundy has not yet done so with the Twins. MLB teams have until July 13 to sign players, so there is still a chance that he might be gone, although I can't find any information about which way he might be leaning.

In addition to the 9 players selected from the squad, 5 high school players for the incoming 2013 class were drafted by MLB teams. Thus far, none of the five have signed and with the new cap on signing money it seems likely that all five will be on campus next year.

Here is the complete list:

Rd. Player Year Team Signed
8 Brian Adams Jr Padres Yes
8 Luke Maile Jr Rays Yes
11 Taylor Rogers Jr Twins Yes
18 Thomas McCarthy Sr White Sox Yes
20 Tim Peterson Jr Mets Yes
21 Alex Phillips Sr Tigers Yes
23 Cameron Flynn Jr Marlins Yes
26 Jerad Grundy Jr Twins No
30 Michael Williams Sr Rays Yes
22 Casey Schroeder HS Cardinals No
24 Chase Mullins HS Rangers No
27 Zach Arnold HS Mets No
33 Kyle Cody HS Phillies No
38 Matt Pope HS Pirates No