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Kentucky Wildcat Basketball: Vote on 2012 team nickname

The 38-2 Kentucky Wildcats are looking for a nickname.
The 38-2 Kentucky Wildcats are looking for a nickname.

OK, Kentucky fans, now is your chance to make an indelible mark on Wildcat basketball history. Over at, Eric Lindsey has compiled a list of possible team nicknames for the 2012 National Champions, and everyone who wishes, has a vote.

Lindsey, editor, compiled several potential nicknames and pared the list to five after talking with the coaches and players about what they considered to be the best submissions. The five are: The Undeniables, Team-8, The Young Guns, The Young and the Relentless, and The Selfless Seven.

Go here to vote, but if nothing on the list strikes one's Big Blue fancy, please feel free to submit a nickname via the comments section. Since my entry is currently in last place with no chance of winning, shoot a few votes The Young and Relentless' way (it's embarrassing being in last place).