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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Moving Day Edition

Morning Quickies
Morning Quickies

Okay, so the Quickies didn't get up until after noon. Sue me.

Saturdays are traditionally known as "moving day" in major tournaments. When I went to bed last night, Tiger Woods was leading his first major tournament, the U.S. Open, in a very long time, and when he leads majors after 54 holes, he wins something like 88% of them.

The Tweet of the Morning comes from Nerlens Noel. I find this obsession of his with #9... pleasing:

Your Quickies follow the jump.

One-on-one with John Calipari: The full transcript and video package // Our Sports

If a kid has a great year and you fool him into staying another year, you would do that to someone else’s child? Children we’re talking about here, 19-years-old, 18-years-old. I could fool them in a minute. I could get them in a room in one hour and convince them that they’re absolutely not ready — ‘I’ve talked to seven GMs and you need to stay. I’ll have you talk to this one, and he’ll tell you.’ I would never do that. I let the families decide. If they need help with the information, I’ll help them get information.

This is exactly why players trust Calipari. This paragraph, right here, is about 60% of why he is so successful as a recruiter. He engenders a lot of trust, and delivers on that trust.

Kentucky Recruiting: How Much Hope Is John Calipari Placing in the 2013 Class?

We don’t know what exactly went on during the recruitment, but Calipari didn’t see Harrell as a fit in Lexington. While some people, myself included, thought Harrell would be a great fit behind Kyle Wiltjer at power forward, Calipari clearly did not.

Nice article here by Matt Overing. Harrell, after my looks at the film that was available on him, was not a fit at Kentucky. Now, he could prove me wrong and be a beast at Louisville, but I don't think so. In any case, he would have been recruited over every years, and I suspect he wasn't okay with that.

Saturday notes from UK, IU, NBA and baseball // WDRB 41 Louisville - News, Weather, Sports Community

I really hope Darius Miller makes it in the first round. Six picks would be a record that would not likely every be challenged, let alone broken.

But much more importantly, I want it for him. He has earned the right to have me hope and pray for a first round pick for him with his excellent, selfless play at Kentucky. A true Kentuckian who will never be forgotten around these parts.

NBA draft breakdown: The top 10 shooting guards // CollegeBasketballTalk

Given the scoring balance at Kentucky this year, you might be surprised to see anyone from UK in this group. But there is.

UK coach Phillips bringing Tour to Franklin // Bowling Green Daily News: Sports


RTC NBA Draft Profiles: Marquis Teague // Rush The Court

This is nice work here. I find very little to disagree with. Obviously, this guy has actually seen Teague play and is not into blowing smoke.

SEC Weekly Five: 06.15.12 Edition // Rush The Court

With the NBA Draft less than two weeks away, there exists the real possibility that the SEC could have players selected 1-2-3 with Anthony Davis as the presumed top pick followed by Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Bradley Beal going to Charlotte and Washington in some order. No league has even boasted the top two picks since 1999 when Elton Brand (Duke) and Steve Francis (Maryland) out of the ACC topped the draft. The ACC was also the last league to have the top three picks of any one draft. In 1986, Brad Daugherty (UNC) went No. 1 to Cleveland; Boston selected Maryland’s Len Bias followed by NC State’s Chris Washburn going to Golden State.

Impressive, considering the SEC is widely considered an inferior basketball league.

DraftExpress // NBA Combine Interviews: Anthony Davis, Drummond, Jones

DraftExpress // NBA Combine Interviews: Kidd-Gilchrist, Johnson-Odom, Murphy

DraftExpress // NBA Combine Interviews: Lillard, Teague, Cunningham