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Kentucky Football Recruiting: Corey Martinez, OL, 2014

Football Recruiting
Football Recruiting

Bud Elliott of SB Nation is all over the college football recruiting scene, and today, he brings us some info about 2014 recruit Corey Martinez, an offensive line prospect from Tampa, Florida:

As for position, Florida State is looking at Martinez at guard, but he is 16 years old and could still grow into an offensive tackle's body. He currently holds offers from USF and Kentucky, but doesn't favor any schools at this time as he is still evaluating and gathering information on the recruiting process.

Rivals has more on Martinez here. It's good to see that Joker Phillips is working on getting players from Florida, but as you can see by the article that Bud wrote, Martinez was at a Florida St. camp, and it's pretty hard for Kentucky to get quality players away from the Florida schools if they decide they want him. FSU and Florida haven't offered this guy yet, but if either of them do, it's tough seeing UK winning a recruiting battle with them.

With that said, you can never win anything if you don't get into the game, and at least Phillips and Co. are in this game. After the jump, there is a video featuring Martinez for those who like to try to evaluate football recruits in greater detail.