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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Travis Ford Edition


Morning Quickies is back after a short vacation to the East Coast. Today, we learn that Travis Ford has joined John Calipari and Mike Krzyzewski among those basketball coaches with at least one man-made hip joint.

Tweet of the Morning:

Heh. Too right.Your Quickies are after the jump.

Rockets' Patterson determined to exceed rookie promise // Houston Chronicle

"How I feel compared to previous years is a lot better," Patterson said. "I got all the scar tissue and gunk out of my ankle. My range and my mobility, just the feel of my ankle, is more comfortable. The pain I felt throughout the years has totally gone away. My ability to move and slide and jump on the court feels free."

A completely healthy Patrick Patterson? Look out, NBA. Via Anthony Wireman.

The Sky is Not Falling // Ky Cat Stats

Most UK fans will not like to admit this, but Joker is the best short term option, and long term option to be the UK football coach. For most coaches, UK is either a stepping stone, or a last stand. With Joker, you have a guy that wants to be here long term. This is where he is from, if he’s successful, he isn’t going anywhere. Let’s give him some time to get his first recruiting classes to graduation day, and see where we stand at that point.

Here's a take we haven't seen much. Hope it's right.

The Volokh Conspiracy // Sixth Circuit Smackdown Watch

This is fascinating because it the Supreme Court just overturned the Sixth Circuit for the 20th straight time, this particular one coming from the state of Kentucky on a death penalty habeas appeal.

We don't want commentary on the politics of the death penalty or anything, but those who watch the U.S. court system will find this interesting. because 0-20 is an impressive mark of failure for any circuit court. The ninth circuit (California et. al.) is famous for having their appeals overturned by the nation's highest court, but the sixth is a real up-and-comer in that area, and may be set to challenge for the mark of most reversed circuit in the country.

Analyst says Jones needs to make good impression with pre-draft interviews // vaughtsviews

"The concerns with Jones have remained largely the same since the season ended – 1) will he play with a consistent effort, 2) he needs to realize he is effective around the basket, not shooting jumpers, and 3) offense is fun, but he needs to put a lot of work into becoming a better defender," said Isaacson.

More NBA analyst/scout cluelessness? As JLeverenz more than amply demonstrated, Terrence Jones was a terrific defender last year. The other two points are at least plausible, but the third, in my view, indicates a person who has never really watched Jones play.

Montgomery Gentry Shows Up At Hoedown ‘Locked, Cocked And Ready To Rock!’ // 99.5 WYCD Detroit's Best Country

Eddie [Montgomery] joked when asked what sports he played as a kid, that he played "shots" defending his comment with "hey, I grew up in a honky tonk family." Troy says he "played all sports, baseball, basketball, football." Eddie added that "being from Kentucky man, it’s always University of Kentucky basketball. When you are born in Kentucky, the first thing you get in your crib is a basketball." Go Wildcats!

I figured this deserved a plug.

Ex-Cats are talented, but could they win it all?

Could a team with exclusively former University of Kentucky players on its roster compete for an NBA title?

I don't think so. Not yet, anyway, but maybe soon ...

NBA Draft 2012 Prospect Profile: Insight On Terrence Jones' Development From SB Nation's A Sea Of Blue // Golden State Of Mind

I did this interview yesterday for GSOM. Somebody came along and greened the whole thing. Weird.

David Stern expects your draft conspiracy theories now // ProBasketballTalk

Heh. Well, I guess they do use an accounting firm to validate the results after all. Grassy knolls are everywhere, it seems.

Prosthetic leg lost at sea, returned to owner // The News Journal

A2D2 blogged about this the other day. Seems all is well, now.

Is the Indiana horse dead? Yes? Ok, let's beat on it some more.

You may or may not have heard about Rick Pitino telling Terry Meiners the other day about Tom Crean not wanting to play Louisville this season. By itself, that's not a big story. But after all the fuss over the cancellation (for now) of the UK-IU series, and all the smack-talk amongst the IU fans saying UK was scared, this doesn't paint Indiana in a particularly good light.

I went and listened, and he's exactly right - Pitiino says that Tom Crean refused to play Louisville, even though the Cardinals offered to go up to Bloomington first.

Next time an IU fan says UK is "chicken" to you, ask him about Louisville. The big thing is that they both seem to have room on the schedule for the game, and no apparent conflicts.

Florida DE Alvonte Bell Commits To Kentucky Wildcats //

On the field, Bell is very promising. He's a true 6-foot-6 (I've seen him in person) and 228 pounds with great length. Bell shows the ability to bend and has pretty decent agility for his height and build. Bell flashes the ability to use his length against opposing defenders, and as he puts on weight should become a four-star-type recruit -- that is, if his grades are in order.

Missed this earlier. This is one Phillips commit that has gotten very little notice, but seems to be a very big deal.

Cliff Hagan Stadium Reviews, Kentucky Wildcats // Stadium Journey

Very nice review of the Cliff.

3-point shot: Ford expects full recovery // College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

Oklahoma State coach Travis Ford said he’s on his way toward a full recovery from hip replacement surgery. Ford said he had been dealing with the nagging injury on his left side for two-plus years after putting plenty of miles on his body during a post-basketball career running regimen.

My left knee is going to have to be replaced in a few years, so I'll get to join Calipari and Ford with fake joints setting off metal detectors in the airport.

Weekend roundup: More on academics // College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

As I figured, the UNC academic fraud is getting more attention. They are still glossing over basketball, but don't count on that continuing.

Cyber criminals target travelers //

After having lost my laptop in NOLA, I advise you to take this to heart.

Morning Five: 06.12.12 Edition // Rush The Court

Talking about the Larry Vaught scout interview we blogged yesterday:

And for what it is worth the quality of NBA scouts can be highly variable. Some that we have talked to seem pretty knowledgeable while others are just there to collect a paycheck including our personal favorite who spent most of a game on New Year’s Eve texting his friends while complaining to us about how much bottle service would cost in New York City that night.


Morning Five: 06.12.12 Edition // Rush The Court

Talking about the Larry Vaught scout interview we blogged yesterday:

And for what it is worth the quality of NBA scouts can be highly variable. Some that we have talked to seem pretty knowledgeable while others are just there to collect a paycheck including our personal favorite who spent most of a game on New Year’s Eve texting his friends while complaining to us about how much bottle service would cost in New York City that night.


Cardinals RB Alfonso Smith stays ready //

Governor tours improvements at Kentucky Speedway // BusinessWeek

For you NASCAR fans.

Pat Summitt notches hole-in-one on Tennessee course //

Tennessee's head coach emeritus notched her first hole-in-one Friday playing at the Sevierville Golf Club with Hall of Fame coach Billie Moore, former Lady Vols player Lisa McGill Reagan and TV analyst Debbie Antonelli.

Missouri fan on team plane in federal drug probe // College Basketball News | FOX Sports on MSN

Not just a fan, a significant booster. Could be trouble for Mizzou ...

NBA draft breakdown: The top 10 point guards // CollegeBasketballTalk

I just don't buy Kendall Marshall as a better NBA prospect than Teague. Talk about a system that hid flaws.

Perry Jones III and Terrence Jones work out for Golden State Warriors, but was team impressed? // Inside Bay Area

When all was said and done, though, neither wowed Warriors management, according to sources. And while both played well, they didn't do much to improve their chances of being selected by Golden State.

Maybe Jones won't rise into the top ten.

SEC, members to donate $100,000 to Summitt's fund // Yahoo! Sports


Everyone Wants Kevin Garnett - But What Does He Want? // CelticsBlog

This will be an interesting free agency. I predict he does not retire.

Report: Cavaliers Offer Entire Draft For Anthony Davis // Fear The Sword

To no avail, apparently.

2012 Clippers Exit Interviews: Eric Bledsoe // Clips Nation

You will enjoy this read on Eric.

Cats Hosting Florida OG Prospect // Bleed Blue Kentucky


Ending Streaks // Bleed Blue Kentucky

If Phillips could end the Florida streak this year, it would be an amazing legacy in streak-ending regardless of what happens to him.

Kentucky Coach John Calipari talks to vaughtsviews about some of the incoming UK players // vaughtsviews

"You have a guy at the rim you can throw lobs to, you can’t help off the four. Our twos and threes can score the ball. Having an opportunity for Ryan Harrow or even Archie or even Julius (Mays) to play some if we need to. And we’ve still got Jarrod Polson, who got better."

Calipari can even get you excited about Jarod Polson!

National title odds: got $50 to put on Butler? // CollegeBasketballTalk

Kentucky comes in third at 10:1, followed by UCLA at 12:1 and Duke, UNC and Florida at 15:1.

I wonder if I'll be in Vegas later this year? Well, I don't bet on college sports as a matter of principle, so I guess it doesn't matter.

Head coach Sean Woods off to a busy start at Morehead State // CollegeBasketballTalk

If Woods can win at Morehead, he is going to get a lot of offers...

In baseball news: