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Kentucky Basketball: Full Version of Calipari's Post-championship Press Conference

This is the full version of the press conference, which I hadn't had a chance to see. I thought I would put it up in case others were in the same boat. It is 21 minutes and change long.

I had seen part of this, and on re-viewing, I was a little surprised at how fatigued Calipari looked and sounded. He truly looked like a man that wanted to be anywhere but where he was, and you could hardly blame him. I have a feeling that he didn't get a lot of sleep the night before, and after all the energy he exhausted in the game, you could really tell that he was running on fumes.

I was also a little surprised, in retrospect, how many of the questions were directed at Calipari's feelings. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, and I certainly expected a few, but it seemed like every other question was about Cal.

Another thing I noticed on re-viewing is how comfortable Darius Miller is before a camera. Four years at UK will have that kind of impact, because you get lots and lots of opportunities. He looked very much the senior.