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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Davis Wants Kobe Edition


Anthony Davis wants him a little piece of Kobe Bryant. He wants to shut Kobe down.

That's pretty bold talk for a 19-year old skinny guy. Do you think Kobe is shaking in fear?

Tweet of the Morning:

For those who may not recognize the Twitter handle (or care about it), @MikeGillie14 is Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Your quickies follow the jump.

Examining The Most Intriguing NBA Draft Storylines // Rush The Court

UConn has a lot to lose if Roscoe Smith gets eligible right away at UNLV // The Dagger: Yahoo! Sports

UConn officials are worried that giving Smith a waiver could open the floodgates to other players on its roster seeking to transfer, reported Friday. The basis for Smith's waiver is that he left UConn because the school is banned from the postseason next year as a penalty for its sub-standard APR scores.

Wow. That could get ugly fast for the Huskies - literally to Pitino's Bombinos level.

SEC, members to donate $100,000 to Summitt's fund //

Billy Donovan on transfers: Let 'em go // Sporting News

"I’ve always believed at Florida that when someone leaves you give them the opportunity to go wherever they want."

I think that's good advice. Kudos to Billy D.

Inside and out, these teams have required parts - Yahoo! Sports

One thing to mention: Indiana, Kentucky and Louisville seem a certainty to be ranked as the top three going into next season. IU and Louisville are on this list, but Kentucky isn't. That's because UK is counting on new starters coming through at all five positions. The likelihood is high that Kentucky is going to have at least one guard and at least one frontcourt player average in double figures. The problem? We don't know who they'll be.

Noncon games we'd love to see in 2012-13 // ESPN

UCLA and UK would certainly be a game that would draw a crowd.

Alabama basketball program scheduling better opponents // ESPN

"You have to be very critical with who you buy," Alabama assistant coach Tony Pujol said. "I think it hurts you when you buy teams that have an RPI in the 300s."

Absolutely right.

Video: Calipari on his 'non-traditional' program and why he had to win the 2012 title //

Must-see Internet TV. Nothing really new, though.

Recruiting mailbag: What's the latest on the remaining 2012 stars? -

@kybballcrazy – What do you know about Tony Trocha's game and who is the favorite to get him at this point?

Given that Trocha arrived too late for many people to see him, I don't know much about his skillset. The Colombia native has received plenty of hype from people that have seen him, though, and he is certainly one of the best available prospects in the class of 2012. As far as recruiting, his high school coach told Cats Pause this week that Texas A&M and Kentucky would be the favorites.

When Calipari really wants you, there is a reason.

NCAA Baseball Regional: No. 11 UK opens with No. 25 Kent State today // vaughtsviews

We'll have more on this game later.

Archie Goodwin welcomes national championship pressure, expectations at Kentucky // vaughtsviews

"I think that is the good kind of pressure we want. If you do not want that pressure, you picked the wrong college to go to at Kentucky," Goodwin said. "At Kentucky, they expect to win championships. Sweet 16 and Final Fours are good, but with the tradition like that at Kentucky, championships are just something they are used to doing over and over. The students, University and Kentucky fans do not expect anything but a national championship. I am the same way."

Exactly right, young man. I love that attitude.

John Clay's Big Blue Links.

Tom Leach Productions // Friday links

Update with Ohio LB Darrien Howard // Bleed Blue Kentucky

Football update.

It'll Be Pitino Vs. Pitino On December 19 // Card Chronicle

Nepotism. :-)

Sprints Keeps Up With Spring Meetings and the Baseball Regionals // 06.01.12 - Team Speed Kills

The SEC has become the first league that I can think to categorically say take it or leave it when it comes to the conference's preference on the playoff format -- in this case, the four "best" teams. Which could just be posturing by Florida president Bernie Machen or could be the beginning of very real trouble for the playoff discussions.

Interesting. Where this will wind up seems more up in the air now than at anytime in recent memory.