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Kentucky Basketball Recruiting: Harrison Twins Sizzle in Summer Play

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They have been Kentucky targets for so long that it's easy to forget just how good twin brothers Andrew Harrison and Aaron Harrison are. This past weekend at Under Armour's puzzlingly named "Are You From Here? Classic", the brothers reminded us of their talents while playing for their AAU team, the Houston Defenders.

The question that keeps cropping up, besides where these two will play college ball in 2013, is which brother is better. Andrew, the more natural point guard, is rated higher by all the major recruiting services. But if you ask Andrew, he will tell you Aaron, the better scorer, is the better player. In fact, Aaron won his district MVP honors over Andrew as the duo led their high school team, the Travis Tigers, to the state championship before losing to Marcus, a team led by Oklahoma St.-bound guard Marcus Smart.

This past weekend, it was Aaron's time to shine. Andrew went down with a sprained ankle in the quarterfinals, and in his team's one-point semifinal loss, Aaron poured in 42 points, including an unreal 35 points in a sick second half (video at the end of the article). Rivals' Eric Bossi called it "a display that will long be burned into the memory banks of those who saw it."

Andrew will likely maintain his spot above Aaron in the rankings simply because 6'5" point guards and more coveted than 6'5" two guards.* Both have competition at the top of the charts. At PG, Andrew is being challenged by Florida commitment Kasey Hill, while the SG position is being buoyed by a strong summer from Kentucky target James Young. Nevertheless, I expect both Andrew and Aaron to remain tops are their respective positions at the start of fall rankings.

* Sidenote: That is generally the case in the NBA as well, though the current surplus of points and dearth of twos may, ironically, make Aaron the better NBA Draft prospect.

Whichever school lands the twins are getting a great package deal. The Harrisons are down to Kentucky, Maryland, Villanova and Baylor, with strong emphasis on the first two schools. I once thought that they might announce at the end of their junior seasons, but they still appear to be on track to decide before the Early Signing Period in November. The twins' birthday is October 28, which may be the good news/bad news date for the schools listed.

Whichever lucky school gets them won't have to worry about which one is better. Instead, it will just get to marvel watching the Harrisons dominate the backcourt.

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