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NCAA Football Top 25: Way-too-early Blogpoll ballot [Updated and bumped]

Way to early, but here we go.
Way to early, but here we go.

UPDATE: Here are the results. I win Mr. Numb Existence, probably the first time A Sea of Blue has ever been mentioned in the Blogpoll writeup since I have been submitting ballots. Of course, the mention isn't very flattering, but hey, this is a football guy, what would you expect?

This is my way-too-early Blogpoll ballot, which will be included in SB Nations' way-too-early Blogpoll sometime later today. We are well into the off-season for the major sports now, and this is just the sort of thing that fan sites like to do during the off-season to give our readers something to talk about.

To me, LSU looks to figure into the national title picture this year, as do the USC Trojans, Alabama Crimson Tide, Oregon Ducks and Georgia Bulldogs. There are of course a bunch of others, and I have included fully half of the SEC in my ballot, which you will find after the jump.

So those of you inclined to talk about football this summer, here's a chance to get in a few comments. Add your own contenders, offer a re-ordered list that you think makes more sense, or take issue with my choices or positioning. It's early, and I'm willing to be convinced.