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Big Blue Linkapalooza: The Return

Now this is tradition.
Now this is tradition.

The Linkapalooza has been on hiatus for a few days, but it's back again and better than ever. Today's big news includes Buzz Bissinger wanting college football banned, Anthony Bennett's decision to drop UK from his list, reaction to John Calipari's "non-traditional program" article, and more.

Buzz Bissinger: Why College Football Should Be Banned //

Yep. I'm sure this will happen.

Calipari explains scheduling to fans // College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

All of which is fair enough, I suppose. Calipari has legitimate reasons why the Indiana game couldn't work out; he's dealing with an expanded SEC schedule to boot. He's doing the smart thing here: He's taking on Duke's model. But the Duke model, effective though it may be, doesn't exactly get anyone excited about the sport in November and December. And make no mistake: The Duke model is not "any team, any place, any time." It is in fact the direct antithesis of that motto. It relies on a position of power and influence -- one Kentucky has long wielded, but now more than ever -- and the ability to eschew major early-season road challenges wherever possible. With so many freshmen coming in every season, this style is arguably even more beneficial.

I think this is right.

Coach Cal blogs about the end of the IU-UK rivalry // CollegeBasketballTalk

None of this should surprise you. It’s not a secret that Coach Cal’s single concern when it comes to everything that he does that is basketball related centers around preparing his team for the NCAA tournament. If it doesn’t better his program, he’s not interested in it. The history of the rivalry between Indiana and Kentucky means nothing to him if he feels it hinders his team’s chances of winning a national title.

I have to admit, that seems to be the case, and I think most UK fans are okay with that. Although I must admit to some misgivings...

The Cure for the Common Hangover //

America. Land of opportunity.

Dion Waiters loved life at Syracuse … because of the pedicures? // CollegeBasketballTalk

Seriously, Dion? Just between you and me, I'd keep that part to myself. Just sayin'.

Cal's golden tickets just keep coming // Evansville Courier & Press

It won't last forever, though. At some point the NBA will become so flooded with young UK players that there won't be room for new ones. Then they might as well stick around for a few years, "larn" a thing or two and socialize with the Oompa Loompas. That ought to make traditionalists and Willy Wonka very happy.

Heh. That could take a while...

Texas High School Basketball: State of the AAU Nation // Barking Carnival

Some good stuff from Barking Carnival on the Texas AAU scene. Lots of UK recruits mentioned in this piece.

'Every Game, I Used Drugs': The Story Of Willie Mays Aikens // Baseball Nation

Crack cocaine claimed his career in the form of federal prison. Great work by SBNation's Amy K. Nelson.

On Junior Seau's Suicide, And When It's Okay To Compare The NFL To The Military //

A tragic end to the life of a great NFL player.

Report finds academic fraud evidence in UNC department // & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper

This is much worse than most at UNC, and elsewhere, ever imagined:

The investigation found many of the suspect classes were taught in the summer by former department chairman Julius Nyang’oro, who resigned from that post in September. The university now says Nyang’oro, 57, who was the department’s first-ever chairman, is retiring July 1.

This may take a while to fully resolve.

Three UK Football Players Named to NFF Hampshire Honor Society //

But as Buzz Bissinger will argue, football players aren't being educated.

Too soon to tell where Amile Jefferson is headed //

Seems UK is zeroing in on him, tough.

Is Kentucky's schedule driven by tradition or cash? //

A little of both, I think, but in Indiana's case, it was probably neither.

Virginia men's hoops team lands Kentucky combo guard //

Cowardly Hoops Fans Rip Bennett on Twitter //

More idiot UK fans giving us all a bad name. May a syphilitic camel drag his dangly bits over their breakfasts.

One benefit of KU's loss to Kentucky: Brownback delivering burgers to Lawrence Community Shelter //

Well done by both governors.

Darius Miller’s name misspelled in Kentucky graduation program // CollegeBasketballTalk

What is it with Kentucky and spelling these days? Is it something in the water?

Kyle Wiltjer’s ranking should make UK basketball fans feel even better about next season // vaughtsviews

Sporting News has already been ranking the top players at each position going into the 2012-13 season. Guess who is projected as the nation’s sixth best power forward? Kentucky sophomore Kyle Wiltjer.

I sure hope he lives up to that ranking.

John Calipari defends UK's 'non-traditional' schedule // Sporting News

Mike DeCourcy reports on Calipari's commentary I linked earlier today.

Richard Pitino, FIU agree on 6-year deal - College Basketball News // FOX Sports on MSN

Okay, I'm calling the big BS on this. This is straight nepotism by non-traditional means.

Indiana Hoosiers and Kentucky Wildcats should find way to continue rivalry series - ESPN

The bottom line is the fans really suffer when these rivalries are not played.

So sayeth Dick Vitale. The fact is, most of the complaints are not coming from fans. They are coming from the media.