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Kentucky Wildcats: The Cat Days of Springtime

It happens every year. It is inevitable. I think we realize it more as our fan 'age' of the Kentucky Wildcats increases. Much like the dog days of summer, it is a seemingly boring, droll time where little is new and the current day is much like the previous eight.

We were pleasantly obsessed for months to follow the Blue. Days were filled with fun as we tuned in twice a week, sometimes more, to watch or listen to our team. The awesomeness of the defense and the talented offense kept us anxious for the next thrill. Most of us got in the line to wait for the next ride by the following morning, if not sooner. We happen to love the thrills and chills. Now, those thrills are gone. There is nothing much new to look forward to when it comes to our team as we fondly remember the excitement we were able to witness a few weeks ago.

Now mind you, we don't just give up on feeding our blue. We will fight for it. We know we will find a way to manage this time. If you are like me, and if you are reading this you probably are, you find yourself at ASoB everyday searching for that little blue tidbit to feed on. A new story, a new video link, a new photo to hold us over until Madness a few months away. How can we fill our time now that our thrill park ride is closed for renovations?

Go Big Blue!!!

Some of us like football, but spring practice info is just a few days long. This year there was even less, as all practices except the Blue/White game were closed. That has come and gone. National Signing Day has as well. There are still a few recruits to commit, but not a lot of buzz around that either. The Bat Cats have been on a great run and that helped, but many of us failed to be able to grasp pitches and swings as replacements of blocks and dunks.

I am not here to offer you any help on how to cope with this because the fact of the matter is, I have learned no easy way to get through it and I have been clambering through it all my life. Instead, I was actually hoping I can learn from you, my brothers and sisters of the BBN, so I am asking for any tips. What do you do in the weeks after the NCAA tournament to help with your quite common fixation of Blue?