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John Calipari Gets Contract Extension

You've earned your raise, gentlemen.
You've earned your raise, gentlemen.

John Calipari and his entire coaching staff have inked new deals with UK. Here's the report from (hat tip: Adam Zagoria):

Calipari, who signed a new eight-year deal last spring, was awarded an 8.3 percent increase annually in guaranteed compensation from media rights and endorsements over the remaining seven years of his current contract. Calipari’s contract amendment also added a retention bonus of $1 million on July 31, 2015.

Antigua, who has been at Kentucky for three seasons, signed a two-year deal worth $525,000 plus incentives. Payne, who just completed his second season at UK, signed a three-year deal worth $1.05 million plus incentives, and Robic, who has also been at Kentucky for three seasons, signed a two-year deal worth $575,000 plus incentives.

This should surprise nobody, I wrote that this was likely back when we last heard the Cal to the Knicks rumors. No, of course this raise will not stop the rumors, the NBA ultimately has a bigger checkbook than UK, and if some team wants to woo Calipari with money, they can certainly outbid Kentucky.

But it does show him appropriate appreciation for a job well done. 102-14 in 3 years and a national championship is gobsmackingly good, and nobody anywhere will dispute that. No matter what his critics think, Calipari has done exactly what he was hired to do at Kentucky -- win a lot, and hang banners. In my mind's eye, I can see the apoplexy in Bob Knight's face right now. I pray he doesn't have a dog.

Congratulations to Coach Cal and the coaching staff. You've earned it, and the Big Blue Nation appreciates what you've done for Kentucky basketball.