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Enough Basketball, Let's Talk Mint Juleps and Horse Racing

Matt Ufford of takes us to a fine establishment for lessons on some event-appropriate cocktails. As today is the running of the 138th Kentucky Oaks, which is a traditional holiday for the Glenn Logan family, it's quite possible (and in fact, likely) that some or all of these recipes will be on the docket for us today. Hat tip: Jim Bankoff (@Bankoff):

There is nothing on earth like enjoying some of the official whiskey of the United States (I actually did not know that) on the first weekend in May. Of all the things I will miss when I leave this state, being close to the legendary Churchill Downs is one of them. There is nothing quite like Derby time in Louisville, and for me, it begins today. As a bonus, I am usually very successful on either Oaks or Derby day when it comes to wagers.

For those of you stuck at work, this mint julep's for you. And while you're thinking about it, subscribe to SBNation's Youtube channel.