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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Post-Draft Lottery Edition


The right to choose Anthony Davis was won last night by the New Orleans Hornets. Adam Zagoria noted the karma angle about that in his blog today, and I do think that is intriguing. But it is the latest in a long line of conspiracy theories that the draft was rigged that is getting all the headlines:

The reaction of several league executives was part disgust, part resignation on Wednesday night. So many had predicted this happening, so many suspected that somehow, someway, the Hornets would walk away with Davis. That's the worst part for the NBA; these aren't the railings from the guy sitting at the corner tavern, but the belief of those working within the machinery that something undue happened here, that they suspect it happens all the time under Stern.

So it WAS David Stern behind the grassy knoll. Well, this happens every single year, and yet not a shred of proof has ever emerged of any wrongdoing. That's what makes conspiracy theories so great -- no proof needed.

The Tweet of the Morning comes from Kyle Tucker of the Courier-Journal:

Heh. Good point. That just makes his whole story that much more amazing. Your quickies follow the jump.

Rondo’s tour-de-force, AD in NOLA, UK-IU // John Clay's Sidelines

or all the predictable pro-Blue blather about how UK has "moved on" and the Cats no longer need the Hoosiers — and UK fans can’t understand why much of its fan base is perceived as arrogant — the bottom line is John Calipari does not want to go back to Bloomington. That’s fine. Don’t agree with that position. But he’s the coach. He’s in a position to dictate his terms. Just wish he’d say that publicly.

Here's my question to Clay -- is Calipari saying it privately?

I'll have more on this in a post later.

Y! Sports/DraftExpress 2012 NBA Mock Draft No. 1 // Yahoo! Sports

Speculation on where they'll end up. Kind of excited thinking about John Wall and MKG playing together -- two of the greatest fast-break players in college history.

Sprints Gets Headaches Listening to All This Scheduling Talk // 05.31.12 // Team Speed Kills

I get linked in here, although he may not like my final position quite as well. (Tease).

Future Kentucky punter Landon Foster on why UK, practice, Masthay, Phillips, Nord, academics // vaughtsviews

FOOTBAWWW! I know you have been wanting more, and I am trying to deliver.

Update with Florida OL Kyle Schafenacker // Bleed Blue Kentucky

More football.

Johnathan Boring recruiting update // Bleed Blue Kentucky

Still more football. I'm getting good at this.

Update with FL DE Darien Williston // Bleed Blue Kentucky

MOAR? Yep.

Celtics devastated over wasting Rajon Rondo's 44-point outing, falling 0-2 to Heat - Yahoo! Sports

Oh, this was where the Celtics were sure this devastating loss had gone sideways for them, where Rondo – on the way to a force-of-nature 44 points – had gone up-and-under the rim, flipped the ball off the backboard only to have the sweeping arm of Dwyane Wade come crashing down on his face. He crumpled to the ground with the score 105-105 and a minute left in overtime, and within moments, Udonis Haslem dunked the ball, and the Heat never lost the lead again.

Some missed calls are bigger than others. This one was as big as they get.

NCAA should allow transferring players immediate eligibility when coach is fired - NCAA Basketball - Sporting News

These are two just decisions from a body that occasionally has been known to struggle in that department. They underscore, however, a fundamental flaw in the logic of the transfer regulations passed by the NCAA’s member schools. In the case of Trey and Joey, the NCAA is acknowledging they began their athletic and academic careers at Central Michigan and Eastern Illinois specifically because of the coaches in place.

Which makes them the same as every other college basketball player.

And that’s why every college basketball player whose coach is fired or bolts for another job should be granted the same consideration: immediate eligibility at another Division I institution.

I completely agree with this.

SEC coaches solve basketball scheduling problem // Sporting News

Well, what this means is that we'll be seeing Tennessee only once. That kind of sucks, but then again, that's the price of making the league bigger.

Pistons' Brandon Knight admires Anthony Davis' NBA potential // Detroit Free Press

"I think he's a program-changer -- that's just my opinion," Knight said. "Once he gets adjusted and acquainted to the system that he's in and what his coach wants and needs from him, I feel that definitely whatever team he goes to he's going to make a much-better team than they were."

I think Knight is right about this.