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Kentucky Basketball: Anthony Davis Says His Draft Position is in Doubt

A little modesty from this unassuming young man is just what you would expect. Here is his interview with ESPN's Andy Katz just up on

It's easy to appreciate Anthony Davis. He might be the most modest and unassuming lead-pipe-cinch #1 to come along in a long, long time. But there is almost universal agreement that whichever NBA team's ping-pong ball gets drawn out first tonight, the player who's name David Stern will announce first will be that of Anthony Davis.

For most folks, the drama lies in the next four or five picks. We think we know Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will be in there somewhere, as likely will Thomas Robinson and Andre Drummond. Bradley Beal also figures to be in the top five somewhere, and many have he and MKG fighting it out for #2. That order will probably be determined as much by the needs of the team drafting as anything else, as positions 2-5 are anything but clear.