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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - NBA Draft Lottery Edition

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Tonight is the NBA Draft Lottery. You know you will be watching to see who draws the lucky first ball and gets the right to draft Anthony Davis. So tell your wife to DVR American Idol and tune in to ESPN tonight at 8:00 and see the drama begin. Yes, of course A Sea of Blue will have an open thread.

Speaking of Anthony Davis, today's Tweet of the Morning features a Mike DeCourcy smackdown of an apparent Indiana fan trying to rag out Davis:

Heh. Dude is entitled to his own opinions, I guess, but not his own facts. Your quickies follow the jump.

Tom Leach // Wednesday Links

UK, don't drop Louisville on schedule –

Still, when Kentucky football coach Joker Phillips was asked about it at the Southeastern Conference meetings in Florida on Tuesday, he told Ben Jones of the Rivals site that the Louisville series "is something we'd seriously have to think about" if the SEC went to a nine-game schedule.

Surely, Joker jests.

Well, you can't blame Joker for thinking about his job and the program. Still, Crawford is right that most fans would not support canceling the Louisville series.

UK Tight End Nick Melillo Signs With Patriots // Football

Congrats, Nick!

How does Anthony Davis fit on each NBA lottery team?

Government rests its case in Clemens perjury trial; two acts dismissed //

Southeastern Conference coaches want football playoff to include top 4 // ESPN

No self-interest at stake here, no sir. Slive to Delany: Suck it.

Vols legend Summitt to receive Medal of Freedom from Obama on Tuesday //

A great honor for arguably the greatest basketball coach in history.

CAPSLOCK REALTALK: 'Watch Less ESPN And More SB Nation, Jerk' //

Okay, **WARNING** -- lots of bleeped profanity, and juvenile humor, probably not safe for work. I laughed my butt off, though.

The Celtics Technical Fouls Were Ridiculous, But Mostly Depressing //

The technical fouls in that game were an insult to the game of basketball at any level. They did not, however, in any way affect it's outcome. About their worst actual consequence, if you don't include the violence done to the integrity of officiating, was that it made a depressing loss more depressing for Celtics fans.


Looks to me like Arkansas has an insurmountable lead here.

COIA not happy with Kentucky fans, but UK fans fire right back at COIA for Calipari criticism // vaughtsviews

Heh. A little non-vulgar tit for tat.

3-point shot: 'Seriously tough' A-10 // ESPN

3. Iowa State’s decision to reward Fred Hoiberg with a new eight-year contract is a win-win for both parties. Hoiberg has shown no desire to run back to the NBA and has made a commitment to restoring the Cyclones to relevancy.

I like what Hoiberg is doing at Iowa St. Glad to see he will continue there.

Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Team: 3.12 GPA in the Spring // The Big Lead

I think this is the first time I have ever seen The Big Lead report a UK story in even a remotely favorable light. Check that off my bucket list, I guess.

John Clay's Big Blue Links.

Big 12 Agrees To Annual Bowl Loss Against SEC // The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Via Red Cup Rebellion:

Keeping with years of tradition of getting blown out in demoralizing defeats to its dominating competitor, the Big 12 Conference confirmed Monday it has agreed to a yearly bowl loss to the Southeastern Conference.

The Onion is a national treasure. Be sure and read the whole thing.

Morning Five: 05.30.12 Edition // Rush The Court

Say what you want about John Calipari, but he knows how to get his point across. Yesterday, we included a link to a piece by Mike DeCourcy offering advice for five players on how to improve their games this summer. In a post on his personal site, Calipari offers advice to Kyle Wiltjer and in doing so also finds a way to turn the advice for his rising sophomore into a propaganda piece.

Yes, complete with the modern record for the use of exclamation points. Two important milestones accomplished in one letter to a player. How does he do it?

Sprints Loses Patience With Each Side of the Playoff Debate // 05.30.12 - Team Speed Kills

If you want to have a true national championship playoff, try to figure out the best or most deserving four teams in the country are and have a playoff. That's the only advantage I see to having a playoff from an ethical or "fairness" perspective -- to try to determine who is No. 1 by some relatively significant standard. Otherwise, it's just a vapid exercise in further commercializing college football.

If you don't think the best or most deserving teams can truly be determined, let's go back to the old bowl system, have truly mythical national championship that recognizes the flaws in trying to figure out who is No. 1 in a sport as diverse as college football, and stop the kvetching. Because a national championship that's only an excuse to play more games is just as pointless as one that's voted on by coaches and the media.

Makes sense to me.

Goodwin not afraid to work on all parts of his game thanks to early lessons from dad, stepdad | vaughtsviews

"Both my dad and stepdad said that guys that are the best players use both hands, shoot from the outside, go to the rim, play defense and do all the little things they can do really well," Goodwin said. "I want to be a top player and show all that."

There you go, kid. Listen to those guys, they are telling you the truth. Develop that off hand and you will never stop thanking them for that advice.

NBA draft lottery: Pistons' Brandon Knight says he doesn't need luck // Detroit Free Press

"I really don’t believe in luck," Knight said between autographs. "I believe in hard work. I believe in God.

"I don’t really believe in luck stuff."

And that is why you will be a successful NBA player, Brandon. Luck is for sissies and losers. You don't need no steenking luck.

Patrick Towles update // Bleed Blue Kentucky

I asked Towles how much he was really able learn during spring? He said, "I got to sit in on the meetings. I got the playbook. I’m starting to learn the basics. To use an analogy, I guess I’ve got the roots and need the branches. There is only so much you learn by reading." He also joked UK’s playbook was 10 times the size of his high school playbook. He noted all the players have been really outgoing and offering to help.

I can't help but wonder whether or not Towles will turn into Phillips' Tim Couch. A failure by Bill Curry to effectively utilize Couch contributed significantly to his demise here. Had he adopted a pass-first system, he might well have survived at least a year or so longer.

Two More Offers Go Out Today // Bleed Blue Kentucky

SEC OnDemand // 2012 SEC Spring Meetings - John Calipari, Kentucky

It's always fun to watch the master at his craft.

2012 NCAA Baseball Tournament: Gary Regional Preview // Hammer and Rails

Great preview of our region by SB Nation's Purdue Boilermaker's blog, Hammer and Rails. We'll be working with them over the next few days and during the NCAA regional in Gary where Purdue is the host school.