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Kentucky Football: Report - SEC Going to 6-1-1 Conference Format

New members?  No worries.  It's the 6-1-1 dance!
New members? No worries. It's the 6-1-1 dance!

According to this report on CBS, the SEC is going to announce the following:

When the Southeastern Conference's new football schedule begins in 2013, it will consist of six divisional games, one permanent cross division rival and another game against a rotating cross division team.

SEC consultant Larry Templeton told the Birmingham News Saturday the league would go with a 6-1-1 scheduling model.

For Kentucky, I have to wonder who the "permanent rival" in the West would be. I assume it would be Mississippi St. Bulldogs at this point, but I really have no idea. It's pretty arbitrary, since as far as I can tell, there is no genuine rivalry between UK and any of the SEC West, although we have had some pretty intense basketball games with the Bulldogs.

Plus, hey, its 'Dogs vs. 'Cats. That's a traditional rivalry, right?

T. Kyle King of Dawg Sports suggested exactly this model back in February. I wonder if Mike Slive is a Dawg Sports fan?

Let's hear your thoughts about this, Big Blue Nation.