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Kentucky Basketball: UK's Spring Grades 3.12, John Calipari Takes a Shot at "Bitter old men"

Oh, you mean THAT bitter old man!
Oh, you mean THAT bitter old man!

There are some things that are just so timely and so sweet that you can't get enough. is reporting that the men's basketball team had a spring semester GPA of 3.12. This comes directly on the heels of a complaint by the Coalition of Intercollegiate Athletics that:

The sort of players he referred to will probably need to attend classes to stay eligible their first semester of their freshman year, but, if they intend to turn pro, would have no need to attend classes in the spring because their intention is to leave the university once drafted. Any pretext of such UK (or any other university’s) basketball players as student-athletes is gone it seems.

And today, John Calipari said this:

"We had a (3.12) GPA as a team for this term with five players who are leaving early, so all this stuff bitter old men say that they don't go to class, it's not true."

How does that knife feel, bitter old men, now that Calipari not only stuck it to you, but is slowly twisting it in deeper? Just askin' -- looks painful to me.

Bob Knight, your office on line 1.