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Kentucky Wildcat Fanatics: Danny Palmer is a genius

Anthony Davis is immortalized.
Anthony Davis is immortalized.

The genius and passion stowed away inside a high number of Kentucky fans came blasting forth last night, but I couldn't resist offering up my own salute this afternoon.

Ever sit around wondering how to turn cereal into art? And I don't mean cheap, ill-conceived motel room art. No, I'm talkin' a blue-blooded Picasso or da Vinci here.

Well, Danny Palmer, a Kentucky basketball fan extraordinaire, along with his young son, have meticulously constructed what just might be the coolest player portrait in the history of sports, as they labored to make this incredible likeness of UK's own Anthony Davis ... out of cereal, specifically Kix, Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs, and Cap'n Crunch (normally I would frown on the seemingly frivolous waste of Cap'n Crunch, but this incredible achievement is neither frivolous nor wasteful).

From this day forth Palmer is my hero, for the patience, passion, and perseverance one must possess in order to so exactingly capture the essence of any one individual, are indeed rare commodities sought-after by men (and women) the world over.

So Palmer and Son, take a bow. The fruit of your labor is now and forever an example of the BBN's unmatched creativity in honoring its hard-court heroes.

I say hang the 4 x 4 portrait in Rupp Arena or the Craft Center, anything less would be hiding the light under a hat.