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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies -- Late Edition


Sorry for the lateness of the Quickies today, I had a radio show appearance, a workout, and some other things that put me a bit behind the power curve.

Today, Quickies reveals that Anthony Davis' unibrow is not by any means unique, Louisville is manufacturing scholarships out of thin air, and more former football players are pointing out the faults of the UK program. But first, our Tweet of the Day:

Only David Stern could call 10 teams losing money as a positive trend. Your quickies follow the jump.

Coach Cal talks exclusively with WKYT // WKYT Lex18

"What kind of building are we playing in Sam? Football stadium," Calipari said. "Okay, what if I have a young team that's never played in a football stadium, but is good enough to win the national title, and I decide it's more important to play these three teams, then prepare them for the NCAA Tournament. Are you okay with that? When we lose that Sweet 16 game, are you gonna sit there and keep your mouth shut, and not say one word that we got beat...because we did not give them a chance to play in a football stadium prior to the NCAA tournament."

This is a valid point by Coach Cal, but there are others who don't think so. This will be the subject of an article that will follow this quickies post.

This is a good interview, you should read the whole thing.

Big East ponders 19-team, six-round tournament //- Sporting News

The once impeccable Big East basketball brand has taken a beating in recent years, and with the departures of Pitt and Syracuse it's sure to be watered down even more.

Do they seriously consider this a good idea? I'd like to see the SEC make the tournament only for the top 12 teams, not all 14. Maybe even the top eight.

Still, the league appears willing to bear its warts on the main stage of Madison Square Garden. The league's coaches this week are pushing for the Big East Tournament to continue to be an all-inclusive event.

Another former UK football player would like to see better marketing, promotions for Kentucky // vaughtsviews

Another former University of Kentucky player wants to add his perspective on the UK football program and while he agrees with some of what another former player noted were problems with the program, he does have some different feelings.

Are we sensing the theme that UK football is suffering from an image problem?

Louisville’s scholarships, Montrezl Harrell and an epic comment thread // CollegeBasketballTalk

The problem was that Louisville didn’t have a scholarship available for Harrell. Key word: didn’t. Because they apparently do now.The problem was that Louisville didn’t have a scholarship available for Harrell. Key word: didn’t. Because they apparently do now.

At what point do we become concerned about oversigning in basketball? I think Louisville may have reached that point.

PHOTO: UK's Anthony Davis Has Fourth-Best Unibrow // Lost Lettermen

The unibrow, apparently, is not a new thing among sports figures.

3-point shot: Big East-SEC matchups // ESPN

Some Big East teams apparently don't want to play SEC "cupcakes." Mark Fox, your office on line 1.

cn|2 Sports // Talking With Tubby Smith

Chip Cosby of CN2 catches up with the former UK coach.