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Two Former Kentucky Wildcats Under Consideration for the U.S. Olympic Basketball Team


Just caught this tweet from Dave Baker a few minutes ago:

The article linked above is this one from ESPN's Marc Stein:

Colangelo said Tuesday that the 12-man final roster won't be selected "until the very last moment," but the deadline still falls before the NBA playoffs will be over in late June. A final roster with up to six alternates is due June 18, although USA Basketball had been planning to make the selections by June 1 before the rash of injuries.


Sources close to the situation told that Sacramento Kings power forward DeMarcus Cousins, Detroit Pistons center Greg Monroe and incoming Kentucky star Anthony Davis -- widely regarded as a lock to be selected with the No. 1 overall pick in the June draft -- are among the young big men under consideration to be among the late additions Colangelo mentioned.

I really hope this comes to pass. It would be a crowning achievement for Davis' college career to go directly to Team USA, and for some reason, DeMarcus Cousins as a member of the Olympic team just makes me want to laugh. Despite his tough-guy image and occasional misbehavior, I have always really liked Cousins. Plus, I think he'd be a really useful addition for Krzyzewski's team.

And yes, I know the use of "former Wildcat" for Davis is kind of picky, but he is, you know. He is ineligible for further college competition, so as hard as it is to say it, he is a former Wildcat, even though he's still in school.