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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Vinnie Zolo Edition


For our tweet of the morning to start off today's edition of quickies, here's Matt Jones:

More after the jump.

Dee Bost called to clarify his quotes, was super cool while doing it //

"My words got twisted."

Heh. Yeah, where have I heard that before?

Old Dominion bolts for Conference USA, leaving the CAA in shambles // The Dagger: College Basketball Blog - Yahoo! Sports

What the loss of Old Dominion and VCU means for the CAA is it will be difficult for the league to land multiple NCAA tournament bids for the foreseeable future.

Conference realignment in the smaller conferences has been extremely overlooked this year, but it has been happening on a surprising scale.

Referees thankfully go back to school to re-learn how to call block/charge plays - NCAA Basketball - Sporting News

If you suspected charging calls had gotten out of hand in college basketball, you probably discerned by now you were not alone. ESPN analyst Jay Bilas has been vocal on the subject. Michigan State coach Tom Izzo told Sporting News during the season he was so weary of seeing charges called he no longer taught the play to his Spartans.

You might be surprised to learn the NCAA men’s basketball rules committee also is on your side. They agree: There are too many charges being called.

Last year was the absolute worst I have ever seen. I don't know how many charges were called on UK, but I'll bet they were at or near the tops in the nation, and I don't know how many times a charge was called when the defensive player had one foot down or didn't get set until the offensive player took off.

I sure hope it gets better. If not the outcry next year could be more like peasants with pitchforks.

SEC Weekly Five: 05.17.12 Edition // Rush The Court

Seven years running as the attendance leader with no end in sight.

SMU Fires Athletic Director Steve Orsini - Big East Coast Bias

After somehow managing to keep football coach June Jones, getting SMU into the Big East as an all-sports member, and luring Larry Brown to be the head basketball coach, SMU athletic director Steve Orsini was fired immediately today.

Amazing. But running big deficits will get you fired, no matter how impressive your coaching hires are.

Is change coming to the Tennessee-Kentucky basketball rivalry? // Rocky Top Talk

Just having to think about this pisses me off. Tennessee is the closest thing Kentucky has to a rival in the SEC. The recent kind-of rivalry with Florida is no substitute.

CAA should do right by student-athletes - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

Look, there is no denying that the CAA is more victim than villain in all of this. The CAA has been picked over like a dead animal on the side of the road, with Conference USA, the Sun Belt and the Atlantic 10 hovering over the carcass taking the meatier parts -- Old Dominion to C-USA, Georgia State to the Sun Belt, and VCU to the A-10.

But should the league enforce its petty bylaw and deny both ODU and Georgia State a chance to compete (a two-thirds vote in favor from remaining members is needed to overturn it), it will manage to trump its pickpocketing brethren in disloyalty.

Oh, spare me the "It's all about the kids" crap., O' Neil. If I hear that argument one more time I'm going to puke blood.

Look, I hope the CAA does not enforce it's bylaw and fines the schools - that sounds like a better solution. The trouble is, that isn't what their rules say.

If the departing schools can't compete for the championship, I'm fine with that. They made the decision to leave knowing this in advance. If the players don't like it, they can transfer. Life sucks sometimes, and every one of them is going to learn that the hard way when people stop fawning over them in the real world.

3-point shot: Selection committee blues - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

2. Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said Kentucky’s Anthony Davis -- the consensus No. 1 pick in the upcoming NBA draft -- brings shot-blocking, something the U.S. Olympic team may need this summer in London. Davis’ chances have risen due to the injury to Orlando’s Dwight Howard. Krzyzewski said Davis isn’t "trying out" for the team; rather, Davis is now in the pool of players who may be selected. Krzyzewski said it would be good to get Davis indoctrinated right away into USA Basketball. "He’s a great talent and a good kid," Krzyzewski said. "Hopefully we don’t get any more guys hurt."

Comments like that make it harder to hate Coach K.

Early-entry draft deadline benefits a few schools during spring-- college basketball - ESPN

The purpose of the April 10 deadline was to give college coaches more time to fill scholarships used by early entrants. But it is a selfish rule for the college coaches to not allow the underclassmen to test the draft process anymore. If they declare by April 29, they are no longer an amateur in the eyes of the NCAA.

I agree this is selfish, and I think it should be changed back. But it won't be. Katz goes on to note that Kentucky didn't benefit, and I would add that it probably never will.

Dogs and Cats Invade the Diamond // For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

UK falls to the Bulldogs in game 1, 3-1.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Montrezl Harrell Lists the Cats Amongst His Choices

We discussed this last night on Larry Glover Live. I don't think UK is a good fit for Harrell, as I have said many times. But if he comes, I'm fine with it, and he would no doubt help us this year some. We could use front court depth.

He's a big boy, and if he comes, we'll welcome him. Who knows, maybe he can earn more playing time than I think? I've been wrong before.

Blue Ribbon Yearbook editor Dortch not quite sure where to put Kentucky in preseason rankings // vaughtsviews

While many other college basketball writers/analysts have Kentucky projected as a top five team going into next season, Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook editor Chris Dortch isn’t sure his preseason publication will have UK quite that high.

I could care less. UK will be a top team by the end of the year, so where they put us pre-season doesn't matter that much as long as it's in the top ten.

Troy Williams Expands List to Six //

The other day, he was down to UNC and UK and about to declare, and now he's considering six schools. Well, that's recruiting for you.

Sean Woods does not run from legacy of 1992 Kentucky-Duke game // vaughtsviews

Mark Story: Some SEC coaches, including Joker, need to rally before 2013 //

14. Joker's route to survival. Here is how Phillips can survive. Win out-of-league home games with Kent State, Western Kentucky and Samford. Defeat Mississippi State and Vanderbilt in Commonwealth Stadium. Then pull off one major upset no one sees coming — something UK football has done every season since 2006.

That would probably do it, but it's a tougher task with a team this young than he would like.

The Morning Mix // CollegeBasketballTalk

Tom Leach's Friday Wildcat Links

Kentucky Football: State Of The Program // Saturday Down South

Offensive Line: The biggest concern exiting spring heading into this season is the offensive line. Losing three starters is never good for any position, but when it’s along the offensive front, there are always more questions than answers.

The O-line, if it performs, could be the story of the season for Kentucky.