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Kentucky Basketball: Why is Virginia Tech Holding Up Harrell?

Here's a tweet from Dave Telep of earlier today:

Telep asks a very good question here. Harrell is asking for a release from his Letter of Intent because of the coaching change -- Seth Greenberg, who recruited Harrell, got fired earlier this year. Per NCAA rules, even if the Hokies release him from his LOI (and almost everyone expects that they will), he cannot sign another LOI with Kentucky, but he would be able to sign a scholarship agreement much as other players, like Brandon Knight, have done in the past.

I am not 100% convinced that Kentucky needs Harrell, or that he would be a particularly good fit here. If he comes, he would be the lowest-ranked freshman by the recruiting services that Calipari has brought in out of high school since he has been here. With that said, Calipari knows what he is doing, and Kentucky could use the front-court depth.

I feel the need for a #FreeMontrezl hashtag.

UPDATE: More after the jump.

And this:

You'll pardon me, and my French, if I say this sounds like bullshit. There is no excuse whatever for "utilizing" a 30-day waiting period if the young man has made up his mind. This is, pure and simple, a game that Virginia Tech is playing with a young man's life. Unacceptable, especially after the way they treated his coach.

I have no real personal interests in this, either. I don't think Harrell is UK material, but that's just me.

Hat tip: Ben Roberts (@NextCats)