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Kentucky Basketball: Terrence Jones buys his mother a ride

Terrence Jones has taken care of his mom's transportation needs.
Terrence Jones has taken care of his mom's transportation needs.

Per Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo! sports:

When ex-Kentucky forward Terrence Jones' mom returned home to Portland on Sunday night after spending the day with her son in Los Angeles, she found a final Mother's Day surprise waiting for her.

Parked in front of Linda Mashia-Jones' house was a new Cadillac SRX Crossover with a giant red bow on it.

I saw Terrence hinting at something big on Twitter over the weekend. Glad to see he took care of his mom's travel needs in style, that Caddy is a nice vehicle for anyone to own.

For those of you inclined to wonder where Terrence got the cash:

Cynics have already questioned where Jones got the money to purchase a car valued at between $36,000 and $55,000, but there's a relatively obvious explanation. Jones reportedly signed with Arn Tellem of the Wasserman Media Group last week. And agents typically give future lottery picks a hefty advance that the players then pay back once they sign their rookie contracts after the draft.

Besides, what's the NCAA going to do to him now that he's taken money after declaring for the NBA and finishing school, make him double-secret ineligible? Some people out there need to do more than get a life, they need to get their freaking IQ out of red numbers.