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Kentucky Basketball: Wildcats may square off with Georgetown Hoyas next year for the first time since 1984

John Calipari vs. John Thompson III?  Works for me.
John Calipari vs. John Thompson III? Works for me.

According to Andy Katz (via SB Nation's Casual Hoya), it seems that the Georgetown Hoyas and Kentucky Wildcats might face each other next year in the Big East-SEC Challenge.

3. The Big East still has to decide if 14 schools will participate in the Big East-SEC Challenge instead of 12. Based on conversations with multiple sources, the highest-profile game that could occur is Kentucky at Georgetown. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Louisville at Florida, Marquette at Missouri, and Tennessee at Notre Dame. But those last four appear to be more speculation at this point. The most likely matchup is UK-GU.

Okay, I admit, this doesn't really look unequivocal to me, although when something is said to be "likely," I guess we can consider it... well, likely.

Hire Esherick at Casual Hoya is excited about the possibility:

This is huge news on many levels:

  • We finally got the marquee OOC home game we were lacking last year
  • This year's schedule is shaping up to be a doozy, in typical JT3 style. We have a confirmed matchup against Texas in the Jimmy V Classic, as well as games against two teams from Legends Classic host squad which includes Indiana, UCLA, and Georgia.
  • The last time we played the defending national champion was this past season when we whupped Connecticut 58-44. Just sayin'
  • The last time we played against a John Calipari led team we won (Memphis in '08-'09)
  • Some business about some player named Nerlens Noel.
  • There will be a pie-throwing booth seated by our best friend Pete Thamel at halftime (working out the details)

Myself, I am fine with the prospect. We haven't played Georgetown since ... and this is hard for me to believe ... 1984 in that horrible Seattle Final Four. I think these two storied programs deserve a chance to play again, and I really hope it does happen.

How about it, folks? Does this look like a game you'd like to see happen?