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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning quickies for Monday, May 14th 2012


Over the weekend, Kentucky picked up another player, graduated senior transfer Julius Mays, formerly of N.C. State and Wright St. Calipari is still working on Amile Jefferson, the McDonalds All-American who will be deciding on Tuesday where he will attend college. Former Kentucky recruit Anthony Bennett announced for UNLV over the weekend.

Quickies after the jump.

Judge Tosses Defamation Suit Against Syracuse and Boeheim //

Oh noes! The judge who tossed the lawsuit is a Syracuse grad. Scandal!

Wolfpack to Blue Devils and Tar Heels: I can’t quit you // CollegeBasketballTalk

Conference expansion is costing college sports some major rivalries. Glad to see NC State kept theirs alive, but it isn't always going to work out.

Via Anthony Wireman.

Phillips says freshman running backs have talent, strength to help immediately | vaughtsviews

"They could make a huge difference. They could play 11-12 games because they are physical and can handle the pounding in this league," Phillips said. "Since I have been here, it has always been tailback by committee. We have had to play three or four guys and a lot of that had to do with their size and strength. We’ve had to play with smaller backs, but you like thicker backs that can move the pile," Phillips said.

Okay. I'd like to see that.

Former Miami AD Paul Dee, 65, dies // NBC Sports

May he rest in peace.

Kentucky Selected to Fourth Straight NCAA Tournament

After great seasons for women's basketball, men's basketball and men's tennis, now the softball team is an NCAA at-large selection and will be playing in the regional hosted by Louisville.

Has this been a great year for UK sports, or what?

VIDEO: David Stern Says It's Time To Look At Flopping More Seriously //

What I want to know is, when is the college game going to follow suit? The NBA is now fining players for flopping. It should be a technical foul in college, and that right soon. - Blogs: Rap Sheet // QB Mike Hartline talks working under both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning

Good luck to Mike Hartline. He isn't giving up, and that says a lot about him.

Indiana, Louisville look to be class of '12-'13 power rankings field // Luke Winn -

If Kentucky lands Amile Jefferson on top of Mays, look for this to change.

Kentucky picks up Wright State one-year transfer Julius Mays // CBSSports

This is a significant pickup for John Calipari, whose Wildcats will be young and appear to be thin after losing six of their top seven players from the national championship team.


Morning Five: 05.14.12 Edition // Rush The Court

The Julius Mays File // Rick Bozich

Mays is not a stud, really. He is a good player who will give us some shooting and ballhandling, but not much else.