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Kentucky Wildcats News: Saturday morning quickies takes you surfing

Introducing your new Morehead St. head coach, Kentucky Wildcats Unforgettable Sean Woods!  Welcome back to the Commonwealth, Sean.
Introducing your new Morehead St. head coach, Kentucky Wildcats Unforgettable Sean Woods! Welcome back to the Commonwealth, Sean.

Happy Saturday, Big Blue Nation. The Kentucky Wildcats defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide last night in baseball, the teams will play a double-header today rather than on Sunday, since storms are expected. Coach Cal will be coaching the Dominican Republic Team this year. Sean Woods is the new Morehead St. Eagles head coach. Oh, and did I mention that a rad dude slid down a 78' wave in Portugal. All that and more in today's totally gnarly quickies.

Rogers Pitches No. 7 Baseball To Series Opening Win // Kentucky Wildcats Official Athletic Site

Kentucky's hitting returns from the recent doldrums, but last time UK won a series opener, they didn't fare so well. I think it will be different against the Tide, however.

Hoops Weiss says Kentucky has always been non-traditional program, understands UK not playing Indiana // vaughtsviews

When you read how Weiss explains it, it makes more sense.

Guinness World Records says surfer Garrett McNamara's 78-foot wave sets mark // ESPN

"Dude, that was one tasty wave. Gnarly". -- Jeff Spiccoli

Doron Lamb on the Road to the NBA Draft

"When Doron came out of high school, he was a strict all-around scorer. But now, instead of taking the whole pie, he has to take a slice when it comes to scoring. I think that could benefit him at the next level with him projected to be a sharp-shooter or big role player."

The Morning Mix // CollegeBasketballTalk

What’s this? Louisville wants out of the Big East? It doesn’t work like that. You don’t just “want in” one year, then a decade later “want out”. If a university wants to change conferences every ten years, why don’t we just get rid of all the conferences all together?

You know, this is right. I remember when Rick Pitino was all about the Big East, hyping it and how great it was, and is, and now he wants to bail. To be fair, though, it won't be the same conference it was before with so many basketball powers leaving.

NCAA's championships idea a good one // College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

I think this is a good idea, and one who's time has long since come.

Is Jim Calhoun more likeable if he watches American Idol? // CollegeBasketballTalk

John Calipari is Public Enemy No. 1 when it comes to college basketball coaches, but few would argue if you put Calhoun second on that list. Not only are his methods of recruiting just as, if not more, questionable that Calipari’s, but he’s no where near the salesmen that the Kentucky head coach is. Where Calipari is charm and charisma, Calhoun comes off as a surly curmudgeon.

This is insight into how the media thinks, even though Dauster came from the world of blogging. He's right, but only because most in the media want this to be the narrative.

Calipari is only public enemy #1 because too many non-Kentucky fans are flat-out jealous. Calhoun is on "the list" because he's a genuine anal sphincter.

Calipari not afraid to play with six players, continues to like team he will have next year // vaughtsviews

Why should he be? He won an NCAA Tournament and has been to two Final Fours with essentially six-player teams.

Kentucky sets college basketball attendance record -- again - CBSSports

These sort of records and figures mean a lot to Kentucky's fan base and to Calipari alike. They're reinforcement and tangible evidence that UK is the biggest and best college basketball program; they're a boastful, at-the-hip talking point. They hint at transcendence. Anything to hammer home just how dominant Kentucky is in every facet is more material for promotion and recruiting for the program.

And Kentucky's fans have earned it. Big Blue's institution has never been higher or more high-profile than it is right now. And it's not likely to dip in the near-future, not as long as Calipari is coach.

This is right. We in the Big Blue Nation think of ourselves as special, apart. We are, and this is just more evidence of that.

Column: Don't Compare Anthony Davis to Anyone

“There’s not one doubt in my mind that he’s [Anthony Davis] going to be way better than Blake Griffin,” an NBA general manager told’s Sam Amick on Tuesday. “I don’t even think it’s going to be close.”

Bold words. Very bold. I hope he's right.

Wildcats score twice in third to top Crimson Tide //

Because of the threat of stormy weather on Sunday, Alabama and Kentucky will play a doubleheader today. The first game will be at 1 p.m. and will be televised on Fox Sports South. The series finale will begin 45 minutes after that game.

Calipari accepts offer to coach Dominican Republic team //

Tom Leach's Saturday Wildcat Links

Unforgettable Sean Woods will coach Morehead State | CollegeBasketballTalk

Congratulations to Sean Woods! I knew he was destined for bigger and better things after the great job he did at Mississippi Valley St. this year.

SEC baseball becoming football-like dominant // The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA

This is why SEC teams get the benefit of the doubt in a lot of the college polls. It is the best conference in the NCAA by far in baseball, as well as football.