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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: Thursday Edition

Anthony Davis isn't just good at basketball.  He's also pretty smart.
Anthony Davis isn't just good at basketball. He's also pretty smart.

Here we are at Thursday, and let's recap the week: Nerlens Noel is being asked a few routine questions about some of his handlers, Kentucky sets a record for a school in basketball attendance, and Anthony Davis managed a 3.7 GPA this semester.

There is much more, beginning now:

Kentucky Sports Radio // Anthony Davis had a 3.7 GPA

Bob Knight, your office on line 1.

Recruits' inner circles not Kentucky's problem -- they're everybody's //

Yeah. Seriously, there isn't anything in here UK fans don't already know, but for some reason, people seem to think this is news.

Coach Cal with a little dig at Thamel. Sweet.

Kentucky Sports Radio // UK set attendance records last season

Surprised? Didn't think so.

The History of Nerlens Noel Hi-Top: The Inspiration, The Beginning and The Trend // Box of M.E.S.S.

All you will ever want to know about Noel's high-top fade.

A Closer Look At Chorus, The Next-Generation Publishing Platform That Runs Vox Media // TechCrunch

The blogging platform we use on SB Nation and A Sea of Blue is getting a lot of well-earned attention.

Roy Williams defends players who enrolled in dubious classes at UNC //

UNC shared its report with the NCAA, but it was unclear on Tuesday whether the NCAA’s enforcement staff would investigate further. Steve Kirschner, a UNC athletic department spokesman, said Tuesday that the university had received no communication from the NCAA about the university’s report.

We may legitimately wonder when the mainstream sports media is going to really dig into this.

Andrew Wiggins Hears All The Bennett Nonsense //

George Tweeted: "@ABennett24 to KU fans Anthony and @22wiggins are really good friends and come from the same family. U diss 1 you diss all. Bounce family!!"

Wonder if any of the stupid idiots taking shots at Bennett would care to run off Wiggins?

NBA Mock Draft For 2012: Pre-Draft Lottery Version // The Big Lead

Terrence Jones' position makes no sense to me. Also skeptical Lamb will go where they have him.

(For The 1000th Time) Calipari Not Interested In Leaving UK // Mr. SEC

Some people just can't take a hint. Heck, some people can't even take a "Not in a million years!"

Jay Bilas is allowed one bad idea each offseason, and this is the one // CollegeBasketballTalk

Bad idea, indeed.

Crean says Hoosiers' schedule tough enough without Kentucky //

"At the end of the day, it just became two different philosophies," Crean said. "Two different view points. The bottom line is, when it comes to the history of the scheduling, the way I understand it is Kentucky had moved it back on campus anyways before we had come to Indiana and really we saw no reason to move it off. If it's gonna move off, we didn't wanna do it at this point. . It wasn't a complicated process.

Apparently, your understanding is wrong. What do you say to that?

SEC slaps additional punishment on Dogs' Cohen // The Clarion-Ledger |

He was never like this at Kentucky.

St. Joseph championship coach Montelli has a big fan in Calipari // Connecticut Post

"I mentioned to him, why the hell are you calling me? You have to worry about Louisville tomorrow."

Good question. But then again, maybe he really didn't need to worry that much.

Sports Radio Interviews // BCS Director Bill Hancock says BCS Commissioners are Split on Playoff Format, Thinks Eight-Team Playoff is Unlikely

Some interesting stuff in here.

Morning Five: 05.10.12 Edition // Rush The Court

He also reminds everyone that it was the Wildcats, not the Hoosiers (both under different head coaches at the time, who moved the game back on campus in the mid-2000s after a 15-year run at neutral venues.

Well, he was wrong about that. It was the Louisville Cardinals who cause that problem, not Kentucky.

Dick Hoops Weiss said Calipari did not mention NCAA checking on Noel during New York visit // vaughtsviews

No reason why he should, really. Not at this point, at least.