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Kentucky Wildcats Heading To 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Time to meet the prez.
Time to meet the prez.

Your 2012 NCAA Championship Kentucky Wildcats will be heading to the White House for a meeting with president Obama:

President Barack Obama has invited the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team to the White House to celebrate its 2012 NCAA championship.

I know that these young men are looking forward to an opportunity to be congratulated by, and shake hands with, the U.S. president at 4:50 PM on Friday. It is an honor afforded to all NCAA Tournament champions since I can remember. I know they will enjoy meeting president Obama and the rest of the nation's leadership in attendance, and it is a priceless experience in civics that they will all take with them for life.

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In today's era of partisan politics, even the simplest expressions of congratulations by politicians are often reduced to their meanest form by those who oppose them. I ask everyone here to resist that urge, leave politics aside, and congratulate our young men on the opportunity to meet our nation's leader. It is truly a great honor for them, and for Kentucky basketball, to be so recognized.

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