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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: Post-championship Friday Edition

Alex Oriakhi's father had some very harsh words for Jim Calhoun.
Alex Oriakhi's father had some very harsh words for Jim Calhoun.

From Shabazz to Nerlens (Don't you love how these guys already qualify for one-name status?) to Alex Oriakhi and beyond, today's Linkapalooza takes you there.

Calipari shows how to recruit, draw unselfish play //

From a North Carolina newspaper? Yes, indeed.

John Calipari says he is staying at Kentucky but NY Knicks are still interested in Wildcats coach - NY Daily News

"Do I think they’ve spoken directly to Cal? No," said one source. "Do I think he knows they’re very interested? Definitely."

Possibly. I am confident the interest is not mutual.

Alex Oriakhi's Father Wants Connecticut's Jim Calhoun Fired

The elder Oriakhi’s post read: "The point here is Uconn is in violation of NCAA rule book. Nobody is above the law. Is unfortunate innocent kids got caught up in this debacle. Without political correctness lets lay this blame squarely were it belongs. The coaching staffs dropped the ball.

Wow! Via NextCats. // One and done? So...

But, here’s the thing: All those people whining about Calipari’s annual roster makeover are largely both hypocrites and jealous. If their coach and their school could get the kind of freshmen talent Calipari draws to UK, they’d take those players and celebrate. This past week I heard a radio talk show host in Louisville suggest that U of L coach Rick Pitino never wants to have more than one or two so-called one-and-done players.

Question: How do we know this? Because he says so? Really? Let me be more specific: What if Teague had stuck with his commitment last spring to come to Louisville, and then, say, Anthony Davis told Pitino he’d like to join Teague in a Cardinals’ uniform. Pitino, or any other coach, would have gladly taken Teague and Davis, right?

Take it one step further. What if, then, Kidd-Gilchrist had called Pitino and said he’d like to sign with Louisville. To hear the radio guy tell it, Pitino would have told one of those three prep stars to go somewhere else.


Heh. Exactly.

Kentucky's title gives way to uncertain future // The Leaf Chronicle

"I give Cal the room to do what he needs to do and I enjoy working with the guy," athletic director Mitch Barnhart said. "It’s a good relationship. It’s a fun relationship. It’s an easy relationship, and he makes it easy.

Yeah, when coaches make you look like a genius for hiring them, that does make it easy.

Coaches facing reality of one-year recruits //

To fight this thing would be silly, and I'm not sure fans along Tobacco Road get that. There's resentment that Kentucky coach John Calipari signs a handful of one-and-dones, coaches them up and then replaces them with a new freshman class.

Some fans find this unscrupulous. I find it practical. Calipari didn't create this system, where even the best players must be a year removed from high school to be drafted. Calipari just adapted faster, and everyone else — Krzyzewski and North Carolina's Roy Williams included — is catching up.

Are they? We'll see. I don't doubt that they are trying, though.

Editorial: College sports vs. opportunity // Press-Republican

Why can't we see more articles like this? Articles that make sense, that utilize logic instead of just assuming sacred cows really are sacred?

A college education is maybe not best for everyone? The scandal of such a suggestion!

New York Knicks still interested in Kentucky Wildcats Coach John Calipari

If he goes….well he would be targeted by the Knicks. He would also be earning way more money than he is earning now. It’s possible that Kentucky might give him a raise, but there is no way it will come close to the terms the Knicks can hand him. He gets to play for one of the biggest media markets in the world and that’s an exciting, yet daunting task.He also gets superstars Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemare to coach, along with up and coming Jeremy Lin, and the very underrated Tyson Chandler.

Yes, this is all probably true. But is it worth it? That's a question only Calipari can answer.

Calipari, being human and loving the game // The Times-Gazette

Most people will agree that the game is more important than any individual player. Now, for those of you that fall into this school of thought, think about what you just said. How, with any rational thought process, can you defend that a game is more important than a living, breathing human being.

Forget the inappropriately-omitted question mark at the end of the last sentence. There is much more in this piece that takes a very unconventional viewpoint, but one that deserves consideration.

Commentary: Kentucky’s title unofficial for now

Kentucky has been on probation before, and likely will be again, if not now, sometime. I’m embracing the word "vacate." Maybe I luck out and it’s this year.

Embrace that hate.

John Calipari To The New York Knicks?: Let The Rumors Begin! // SB Nation New York

He could stay at Kentucky as long as he wants at this point, or at least until allegations of NCAA recruiting violations surface. It isn't fair, but somewhere along the line it is inevitable that they will. Just like it's inevitable that Calipari's wanderlust will lead him out of Kentucky sooner rather than later.

Well, not much to say about this other than even my own network has trouble treating Calipari fairly.

Washington Wizards 85 - Kentucky Wildcats 73 @

The concept is quite simple and the answer does not have to be arbitrary. Would the Washington Wizards, the NBA's youngest team and weekly Not Top 10 fodder, win over this year's Kentucky Wildcats? Yes, but it may be closer than one may expect.

This is very interesting. I think real life might be different, because you'd have to pick a rule set, college or pro, and Washington might shoot better from a shorter 3-pt line, and UK would certainly shoot worse from the NBA line. Still, it's interesting, and as close as we'll ever get.

NCAA Fails at Basic Spelling on Offical Final Four Programs // The Daily Gopher

I heard about this in NOLA. Funny.

Detroit Pistons #DraftDreams: Darius Miller // PistonPowered

Don't remember if I linked this or not.

Best Season Since 1998? A Perspective on Kentucky // KC_ATX


Phil Mushnick says NCAA champion Kentucky Wildcats may not have put studies first, but played basketball the way it was meant to be played //

If he’s not a good bench coach, then he’s the best practice coach in the game. Teams, especially those starting freshmen, don’t play as Kentucky did by accident or as a matter of kismet. Jimmy Dolan has been a good recruiter; look what he has done for the Knicks the last 15 years.

Goodwin: With ‘Bazz & Nerlens, UK Could Win Again //

Whether we get Noel or Muhammad, I think Kentucky will be a contender. We do need another big man. Perhaps Bennett and or Oriakhi can fill that bill.

FIU fires Isiah Thomas after 3 seasons // NCAA Basketball -

The Basketball Hall of Fame player was fired Friday by FIU, after his teams went 26-65 in his three seasons. His hiring came out of nowhere in 2009 - "No one thought we could pull this off," FIU director of sports and entertainment Pete Garcia proudly said at the time - and in the end, so did his firing.

Win or go ... elsewhere.

Ford: Davis, Jones and Kidd-Gilchrist to Declare for Draft Soon

Mississippi State's Arnett Moultrie heading to the NBA // CBSSports