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Kentucky Basketball: Boise St.'s Student Newspaper Defames Kentucky Boosters

Consider this from The Arbiter:

In the summer of 2011, Michael O’Brien of The Chicago Sun Times reported that All-American Anthony Davis was going to UK for the price of $200,000.

Multiple sources acknowledged the fact that Davis’s father had been shopping his son in the $125,000-150,000 price range. UK boosters apparently one-upped the competition by throwing an additional 50K his way. Said Davis Sr. of the allegations and story that was run: "Thanks for ruining my son. Thank you very much." [emphasis mine]

Does Boise St. not teach their students that defamation suits are possible even against student-run newspapers? As far as I know, the part I have bolded above was not provided by any source, anywhere. It is not a fact, and is not presented as an opinion. I'm no lawyer, but this looks like defamation to me.

Not that I'm advocating legal action, but seriously, this has got to stop. It is destructive and wrong, and for the newspaper editors to allow this into their commentary, unsupported, is journalistic malpractice of the basest sort. UK should respond to this, and that right soon.