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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Is Calipari's View of Change to "One and Done" Evolving?

I thought Coach Cal supported the "baseball rule" as a replacement for the "one and done" rule.
I thought Coach Cal supported the "baseball rule" as a replacement for the "one and done" rule.

Yesterday, Kentucky Wildcats coach John Calipari gave a speech at Samford University. The reason he did it is because former UK Director of Basketball Operations, Martin Newton, is now the Director of Athletics at Samford. According to Alabama Live, the event raised over 100,000 for Samford athletics:

Martin Newton's Kentucky connections continued Thursday when Samford raised about $102,000 to hear John Calipari speak at a fundraiser. It will be harder to get Calipari back to the Pete Hanna Center in 2013.

The thing that got me, though, was this remark from Calipari:

During his speech, Calipari criticized NCAA President Mark Emmert for his position on one-and-done players, a rule Calipari says he doesn't like, either.

"The NCAA president said let them go right out of high school? What?" Calipari said. "How many ninth graders will think, 'I'm going right to the NBA?' Five hundred? One thousand? Now those kids will be really focused on academics. How could you make that statement?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Coach Cal on record as supporting the "baseball rule," which would presumably allow players to be drafted right out of high school, but be ineligible for the draft for three years if they come to college instead? From the AP's Will Graves from back in 2011:

Calipari has long supported baseball’s rule that allows players to enter the draft right out of high school or commit to at least three years of college.

Did I miss something?