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College Football: BCS Playoff About To Become a Reality

Meet the new boss.  Same as the old boss?
Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss?

It is now almost certain that college football will have some kind of four-team playoff for 2014 and beyond, and even though the body hasn't quite been buried and the earth is still unsalted for the corpse of the "traditional" BCS format, we can all hope that takes place within the next few days.

The current state of play is this, according to Jason Kirk of SB Nation:

Now that we're even more sure than we were previously that college football will have a four-team playoff for 2014 and beyond, our attention now turns to what sort of four-team playoff we'll get. This is sort of what's been happening all week, but now it's all official-like.


Semifinal games can either be played on campuses or at neutral sites. They can either incorporate certain bowl games or none at all. They could be put up for bid and tour the country. The title game itself could either land at a bowl or at a bid site.

Before college football fans break out the Dom Perignon and start a cocktail party, consider this one:

Selection could come down to a human committee, a revamped BCS computer system or some combination of the two. Conference championships could be a prerequisite for entry, or just any-ol'-body could be let in.

Does a playoff really mean anything if the teams in the playoff generate as much or more controversy than the BCS did? The biggest problem with the BCS, when you got right down to it, is that most people didn't have any confidence in the team selection. Is changing from two to four teams, all selected either the same way as the BCS or by some other method that might have an even great subjective influence really going to make all that much difference?

What do you think?