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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: BCS Plus One Edition

Changes in the BCS to a plus one or some similar playoff model?  Looks like it may actually happen.
Changes in the BCS to a plus one or some similar playoff model? Looks like it may actually happen.

There seems to be a lot of chatter that college football may be on the verge of a major change, apparently the so-called "plus one" model of college football, creating a four-team mini-playoff for the national championship. That's an amazing thing in itself, and it will be interesting to see what the final form of the BCS looks like in years to come.

Now, for your links:

Source -- BCS exploring neutral-site 4-team playoff format // ESPN

The source said he believed the commissioners "are too far out on a limb to turn back now," but said there were still many details yet to be finalized. A final decision on the BCS isn't expected this week, but the commissioners and other officials are expected to begin hammering out many of the details of a four-team playoff.

Camel's nose under the tent, or the end of the debate? It's welcome, in either case.

Key Issues in Deciding College Football’s New Postseason //

WILL THERE BE A PLAYOFF? This is the biggest question. There is a good chance of a playoff that consists of four teams, although the powers that be refuse to call it a playoff. The questions remaining involve where the games will be played, the guidelines used to determine the teams, and how the teams will be seeded. College officials have heightened the expectation of a playoff to such a degree that it will be a public-relations nightmare if they cannot agree on a model.

Cards pound Cats 10-2

Ouch. Swept by the Cards? That's not good.

3-point shot: Calipari keeps staff together // ESPN

This is great news for Kentucky. I really didn't want to lose Strickland.

Hacking the Law // Slashdot

BCS facelift could take place this week // The Desert Sun

Future Cat Alex Poythress garners another honor // Walter's Wildcat World

10 College Football Powerhouses That Fell From Glory // Online Colleges

A beginner's guide to Georgia AAU basketball // Dawg Sports

That's where UGA comes in. They know us, and know how we've historically treated men's basketball as fourth class citizens in our athletics community. They don't trust us, and we've earned that lack of trust honestly over the last several decades. Mark Fox has worked hard attempting to repair those relationships, and he's made some progress, although clearly not enough. And with our history, it's hard to blame people for not coming around immediately.

To be fair, this isn't just Georgia, it's nearly every SEC team other than Kentucky and Vanderbilt.

Why eBook DRM Has To Go // Slashdot

I would very much like to see eBook DRM die. As a consumer of quite a number of eBooks, it's an idea who's time has come and gone.

More on Mislav Brzoja, who will visit UK on Wednesday // John Clay's Sidelines

This uncommitted senior was very impressive throughout the entire event. He is built like a frontline player, but he sees the floor and handles the ball like a point guard, and he shoots it well with range. I wish he were just a bit more explosive off the floor. But his ability to find open teammates with on-time / on-target passes if very unique for a player his size.

Sounds intriguing.

Archie Goodwin’s upside large "because of his power, speed and athleticism" // vaughtsviews

"Kentucky needs to be so excited because he is just going to get so much better, and that’s scary. I know from coaching him every day what he can do. He will have so many more resources available on a daily basis at Kentucky. That’s what have Kentucky fans really excited."

I know I'm excited to see him. He is a really dynamic player with the ball in his hands.

Runaway SEC title train has country in a tizzy //

If the process wants to evolve past the traditional levels of bowl games and BCS standings, the notion that some Big East champion is a more-worthy addition to the title equation than an Alabama, LSU, Florida or Georgia that is possibly second in both the nation and its conference is atrocious.

Ding ding ding! Give that man a ceeeegar!

'Plus-one' idea seems to be gaining ground

"Ever since I was a child, I've of course been in favor of a plus-one model," said [Tennessee Volunteers coach Derek] Dooley, 43, the son of former Georgia coach Vince Dooley. "I remember my dad pushing for that 20-something years ago. I think now the mood is right."

John Calipari, Steve Prohm among's coaching award honorees // Luke Winn -

How mainstream has efficiency become? In the press conference following the national championship game, Kentucky coach John Calipari searched for words to validate that his team had won on more than talent alone. He chose these: "We were the best team this season. We were the best team. The most efficient team. We shared the ball."

JLeverenz is probably on hiatus from the blog, but he'd love this.

What to expect to see on ESPN, NFL Network //

Suspense is making a comeback at the NFL Draft. Executives at both ESPN and the NFL Network know how much you dislike when they foreshadow or tip picks before the official announcement, so both networks pledged during interviews with last week that broadcast cameras will no longer show first-round draftees on the phone with their teams before being selected.

Amile Jefferson still not ready to decide on school // John Clay's Sidelines

Joker Phillips thinks Kentucky tailbacks "can get it done" next season // vaughtsviews

"We don’t have a big huge back, today we don’t, we have a couple coming. I think what we do offensively, these are the types of backs that have had success in this offense, that we throw the ball to, we try to hit some outside runs. When we are trying to hit some inside runs it is usually zone cutbacks so it gives the little guy with good footwork to come out the backside of some of the runs. They’re not real physical guys so we are just going to take a lot of them because they are not real physical guys.

Not all transfer restrictions are due to vengeful AD’s and coaches // CollegeBasketballTalk

Very interesting. I wonder if Stacey Poole had a 2.6 or above?