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Four Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Players on SEC Academic Honor Roll

Jerry Tipton is reporting, via Twitter only at the moment, that four players from the 2012 NCAA Tournament champion Kentucky Wildcats (I never get tired of writing that) made the SEC Academic Honor Roll:

It's really great to see senior Miller leading the way. The presence of Jones on the list just adds additional beef to John Calipari's contention that, at least at Kentucky, "one and done" and "student-athlete" need not be mutually exclusive terms. We have yet to hear about how the team did overall in an official report, but Calpiari has thrown a 2.9 GPA around in various media appearances, and the presence of four Wildcats from the men's basketball team on the SEC Honor Roll is a strong indicator that this year's academic performance was once again solid.

Congratulations to the honorees. Go, 'Cats!

[UPDATE]: Just to clarify the time periods, CBS Sports has us covered:

F Terrence Jones , G Darius Miller, G Twany Beckham and G Jarrod Polson made the 2011-12 Winter SEC Academic Honor Roll, which combines grades from the 2011 spring and summer and 2012 fall terms. To be eligible, student-athletes must have at least a combined 3.0 GPA during those terms.