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One Shining Moment: The Kentucky Wildcats Version

You can't really beat this. Hat tip: Anthony Wireman:

I am not a huge fan of the song, but it sure is a whole lot better when UK is the star.

There is a lot of really good footage here, and I really appreciate the effort that the UK video staff put into the production. It's nice and clean, the transitions are smooth and it tells the story of how the Kentucky Wildcats made their exhilarating Final Four run. The Anthony Davis sky hook over Gorgui Dieng of the Louisville Cardinals amazes me every time I see it, and this particular angle makes it look even more indefensible than it looked live.

The group hug at the end recalls the scene late in the movie The Natural, when Roy Hobbs (Robert Redford) hits a game-winning home run that blows up all the stadium lights, and the team dances around in the shower of sparks after winning the pennant. Great stuff.