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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: CATSPY Awards Edition

Sean Woods is a candidate for the Southern Mississippi head coaching job.
Sean Woods is a candidate for the Southern Mississippi head coaching job.

Tonight, the CATSPY awards were given out, and our congratulations go out to all the winners. In other news, Terrence Jones gives flowers to a cheerleader he ran over during the Final Four, and Sean Woods is a candidate for the Southern Mississippi head coaching job.

Here are your links:

2012 CATSPY Awards Presented // Kentucky Wildcats Official Athletic Site

Congratulations to all the winners!

Terrence Jones brings flowers to UofL cheerleader he ran into during Final Four game

Very cool

Report: Sean Woods interviewing at Southern Miss today // John Clay's Sidelines

Well, good. If true.

Before UK fans get too excited about Mark Lyons // John Clay's Sidelines

I was never excited about him.

Breaking Down The New NCAA Student-Athlete Eligibility Changes // Cardiac Hill

Nice job breaking down the new academic changes for student-athletes. These will have an impact on every school in America, including Kentucky. Football will likely be the most impacted, but basketball could be as well.

Emmert: Coaches being held more accountable //

Coaches such as Joe Paterno (Penn State), Jim Tressel (Ohio State), Bobby Petrino (Arkansas), Butch Davis (North Carolina) and Bruce Pearl (Tennessee) in the past had been considered "untouchable," Emmert said.

There is some truth to this.

Andy Katz's Daily Word: Jarrod Uthoff saga is a turning point in the college basketball transfer process - ESPN

A shift has occurred, though, in which the player is gaining power. He has the ability to take his case publicly to the social media world and build up a following for his cause.

I think this is true to some degree, but experience tells me that the media is an unreliable water-carrier.

Tony Parker: Memphis coach blames his wife for NCAA violation | AJC College Sports Recruiting

"My wife was yelling at me because I was on the phone too loud. I was waking [the couple's infant daughter] up and waking my wife up because I had the TV on. She was complaining that I not only woke my daughter up, but I also woke the baby inside her up because she’s pregnant."

You will pay for this, Pastner. Oh, yes, you will pay.

Time Out // Pat Summitt: Nothing but admiration

Bo Ryan replaced by Ross Parmley as Public Enemy Numero Uno // CBSSports

This is a media fad that will die. You can trust me on this.

Video: Davis throws out first pitch //

Way better than John Wall.

Outside The Big East: Reflections From The Kentucky Spring Game - Big East Coast Bias

The Offense Will Be Different In 2012 - After years of essentially running a conservative, pro-style attack, it appears that new passing game coordinator Pat Washington is bringing a large piece of the offense he was a part of at Southern Mississippi with him to Lexington. For almost all of the scrimmage, Kentucky's first team offense operate from the shotgun formation with three wide receivers, a running back, and a tight end. All of the running plays were either sweeps to the outside or some kind of inside zone running, but nothing where Maxwell Smith kept the ball and ran with it (likely because this was the spring game and he wore a red non-contact jersey). In postgame interviews, Joker Phillips told reporters that this is the offense now, and that fans can expect a 70/30 pass/run ratio in 2012. He said they hope to run 80 plays per game and if they throw it 45 times or more per game, he still considers that balance.

That's a major, major change, and it ought to bring some excitement to the offense if nothing else.

Daniel Orton's Defense against Utah Jazz Has Orlando Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy Fuming, and with Good Reason // Orlando Pinstriped Post

From penthouse to outhouse in just a couple of games ...

Diamond Dogs Fall on Gator Home Runs // Dawg Sports

The Dawgs are playing better, though, and we do have a game left with them that was postponed back in late March.

UK signees use twitter to recruit Anthony Bennett // John Clay's Sidelines

Awesome. You know this has to have an impact. Let's just hope it's enough.

PHOTO: Mississippi State Gives Up Yardage To Sugarland //


Video: Metta World Peace ejected for elbowing James Harden

First, the Malice at the Palace, and now this. Artest/World Peace is a cancer on the NBA.

John Clay: Bat Cats prove they're for real //

Beyond any doubt at all.

The "Spurrier Rule" Is Silly // FITSNewsFITSNews

Most of what comes out of Spurrier's mouth these days is silly.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Dale Brown compliments Cal

What does Tony Parker’s commitment mean for UCLA? | CollegeBasketballTalk

But does it guarantee the Bruins success?

Frankly, no. The issue with UCLA’s roster isn’t the talent, because there is an abundance of that. The issue is the makeup of the roster:

Exactly right. There just isn't enough perimeter scoring and ballhandling, and if it is actually possible, there is just too much size.

It’s official: Seth Greenberg is out at Virginia Tech // CollegeBasketballTalk

A badly botched firing of a coach who deserved better.