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Kansas Jayhawks (2) at Kentucky Wildcats (1): 2012 National Finals Open Game Thread

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This is the last official open game thread of the 2012 basketball season, no matter what happens in the game. This is it, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation -- the decisive contest. Game particulars as follows, courtesy of

Gameday Information
National Championship
Kentucky vs. Kansas
Mon., Apr. 2 - 9:23 p.m. ET
New Orleans, La.
Game Notes: UK Get Acrobat Reader | KU Get Acrobat Reader
UK Postseason Guide
Tourney Central
Radio: UK IMG
March Madness on Demand
Text Updates
Game Program

The time has come. The game is here. There are no more excuses, no more "what if's," no more maybes. This is what you, and I, have been waiting for.

Tonight, the Kansas Jayhawks and Kentucky Wildcats play one game for all the marbles. One game for all the accolades, all the hardware, all the banners. One game.

And there can be only one.

For Kentucky to win, they must:

  • Attack the rim. Kansas is quick enough to guard them, but Kentucky must attack the rim.
  • Exploit Withey's lack of mobility. Anthony Davis is not just a defensive weapon in this game.
  • Take care of the ball. Against Louisville, turnovers really hurt Kentucky. Against Kansas, turnovers can really favor the Wildcats because the Jayhawks are very generous with the ball. UK must exploit turnovers early and often.
  • Run when they can. The Jayhawks run well, but Kentucky runs better.
  • Don't settle. UK must avoid settling for threes.

That's all I have. This is it. #8 is within our grasp. Can we reach out and take it?

Go, 'Cats!