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Is Pat Forde Taking Another Shot at UK?

At least one person who responded seems to think so. Myself, I usually try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but my Big Blue paranoia-sense is tingling -- snarky tweets like these are usually what you think they are (for those who don't speak Twitter, this appears to say "Funny that a school who doesn't care about academics should use it as an excuse to change the time.").

I have no idea why the press conference got moved, but I'd bet it's at least partially justifiable by what UK said in their release, although there may be other factors they did not wish to include. Perhaps to help accommodate ESPN, perhaps to give a player more time to come to a final decision, perhaps just to give the Big Blue Nation a chance to watch it on TV -- heaven knows that at 7:00 PM, there will be quite a few UK fans (and non-fans as well) tuning in, far more than could have done so at 2:00. Who knows?

Does anyone think he would have made a similar tweet about Louisville if it were them? Didn't think so.