Media On Media

The official title is Backstage At The Final Four and it comes with two warnings: it's long, and because it is media (in the form of Brian Weinberg writing for commenting on media it is a tad on the incestuous side. Oh you'll recognize nearly all the names dropped: Forde, Goodman, Thamel, Davis, Anthony, Visser, Zagoria, et al, including Matt Jones who's style and relentless self-promotion earned him a larger than deserved spot (alas no mention of Mr. Logan or ASoB). At the core of the piece is a fact that anyone who follows sports (or nearly any other topic for that matter) already knows: the old media is slowly but surely being pushed aside by the new with all ensuing sociological and journalistic changes it entails. Oh, did I mention it's long? But if you're like me there isn't much to follow for a couple of days anyway. Plus it provides another opportunity to revel in championship #8.