Revisiting The Student-Athlete

Did you know that this week is NCAA Division III week? Neither did I. In the National Review Nicholas Frankovich takes a look at the, as he calls it, outmoded term, student athlete, and proposes some ways to make it more in keeping with the Platonic concept of the mind-body duality:

Another is to change the rules to reflect the reality, or suspected reality, that players for high-profile Division I teams are essentially employees of their respective colleges or universities. If they want to enroll in classes and take advantage of the tuition exemption available to employees generally, fine. If they meet academic standards for matriculating in a given program, fine again. If they don’t, they don’t, and that’s fine too. They still play ball, but now without having to maintain the fiction that they’re students when they’re not.

Of course during all this high moral plane pondering he does find time to mention (not in a flattering way) UK basketball and John Calipari. That aside it is a thought provoking piece.

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