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Kentucky Basketball : Hype(r) We Go

First off, let me add this.

Secondly, let the hype begin. ESPN's Myron Medcalf points this out,

The Kansas-Kentucky national title matchup features a multitude of fascinating storylines. Robinson versus Davis in a battle of national title candidates. John Calipari versus Bill Self, who led Kansas to a win over Calipari's Memphis squad in the 2008 national title game. The two teams with the most wins in college basketball. And this is the first time that the Final Four has featured three rematches, per ESPN Stats & Info.

There will be a ton more added today and tomorrow, I'm sure. Don't forget that Cal met Ellen, his wife, while he was an assistant coach at the University of Kansas, under Larry Brown. Feel free to share more links that you spot around the interwebz. Go Big Blue!!!