Just who are these ASOBers?

I've been on ASOB for a while and have come to view it as a gold standard on blogs. Not merely Kentucky blogs or sports blogs, but any blogs. Without question, a lot of credit goes to Tru Glenn, Ken, et al. for their level of writing and taking the time to maintain order and provide a platform where input from the readers is not only encouraged but integral to the quality of the site.

I'd like to first say thanks to everyone that voices their thoughts; while the "administration" provides great food for thought, it's the many of you that round out the site to make it more than an internet news and opinion site. That got me to thinking (a rare occurrence) - just who are these ASOBers? Obviously, a diversified lot, at least from an age standpoint, maybe from a financial standpoint, and hopefully from a racial standpoint. But what I'm most interested in is the age differences. I always get a kick out of dated references whether about players, music, literature, technology, TV commercials or whatever which always leaves some of us scratching our heads due to the age differences among the ASOBers.

Just for kicks, I put together a poll to see where we come from, chronologically. Will it tell us anything? Nope, but maybe it will help us appreciate our diversity (at least in age) and realize love of our Cats has nothing to do with age. Whatever the results: If you find out you are one of a very few in your age group - Please Don't Leave Us - everyone here makes this site the best and we don't want to lose anyone, for any reason (unless, of course, it's someone that has been shown the exit. ;-) _).